It’s been a interesting season, but now it’s time to rest up c3churchwatchwatch

Thanks for your support. You can find very occasional revised articles at…


For those who are curious, yes, this was entirely my own decision, with no pressure from anyone.

But, who knows, maybe we’ll find something else to say sometime…

Meanwhile, love and peace to all,



Update: Because of ongoing anomalies at the Chookwatch sites, and a certain amount of unsolicited innuendo regarding the reason for closing the book temporarily, I have decided that a revision of the chookwatchwatch site is a definite probability…


Update 2: As you can see the blog is back up. Although it remains an occasional blog, I will add topics from time to time as they arise. I am also going through older entries to revitalise some, especially those which most successfully refute Chookwatch claims.

I should reiterate that no one asked me to close this site down at any time.

There is a rumour afoot that I was put under pressure from C3 leadership to close the site down because they were embarrassed. In fact, this was wishful thinking on behalf of the Chookwatcher crew who started the Chinese whispers after I had decide to rest the site.

I am more interested, these days, in what makes bloggers like the Chookwatchers tick, and how they maintain their obsession with the whole thing, especially in light of the growth industry of anonymous blogs which oppose their own church and leadership. I think they raise a few questions we need to answer whether we like them or not. Stay tuned…


Update 3: Chookwatchers love to look in to read the reviews of their work, but they can be rather grumpy, and have subsequently made some appalling false claims about this site and my ministry, which means they don’t like much what they read here.

Some claims are that I was forced by C3 to stop this site, which is wrong, as I have said several times, that I was removed by C3 from my pastorate, which is ludicrous, that I stopped comments for a period of time because they had crushed my arguments, which is utterly devoid of truth, and that, because I critique their site I am deluded, which is preposterous.

Critics are just as liable to criticism as anyone. Probably more so. Their attacks on my character and ministry show what kind of people they are. Pray for them. They need it.

By the way, the reason I stopped comments for a while was following a request from the husband of one of the chookwatchers after another commenter said some things which I also took exception to.

I was actually standing up for that chookwatcher, who was about to have some things said about them which were potentially unpleasant. They know this.

The comments still exist. If chookwatchers persist in making disengenuous statements about why I withheld those comments, I will restore them so they can make their own judgement about whether I was right to defend one of their own regardless of their attitude towards me.

I hope that clears things up for them.