white chicken looking rightIn an irony too delicious to ignore, CW makes the claim that Hillsong grow their church by name-dropping celebrities, but, as CW does this they seek to develop the CW readership by… name-dropping!

They do this by placing the names of the same celebrities they feature, plus that of Hillsong, Brian Houston and any other popular identities it can source into its headlines and tags.

Thus, the CWs gain traffic to their sites by name-dropping successful ministries and ministers who are well known globally, whilst criticising them at the same time. The CWs ride on the coat-tails of the people they scorn.

Of course, CW fails to take into account the thousands of saints who are not so famous internationally that attend Hillsong services and help maintain it as one of the fastest growing contemporary ministries. There are famous people who attend, but they are just part of the congregation.

Allowing them to share their faith is perfectly normal – as sound as interviewing the many people who are not so well known globally, but who give testimony of the amazing things God has done in their lives.

On the other hand, CW, since it began, has always maxed-out its tags and celebrity headlines to draw readership and extend its outreach.

Every blogger is told by WordPress and other blog servers that headlines and tags count for everything when it comes to attracting a readership.

That’s why, until recently, CW would add a multiplicity of tags to its articles, and make sure it included as many celebrity hooks in its headlines as possible.

The contradiction in terms in all of this is that CW is the biggest name-dropper of all.