Offended chooks bucking the trend
Offended chooks bucking the trend

Here’s a news item from UK that might appeal to the chookwatchers.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent a letter to the oldest bar in Britain on Monday demanding that it change its historic name because “Ye Olde Fighting Cocks” is offensive to chickens.

PETA director Mimi Bekhechi said the name should be changed to “Ye Olde Clever Cocks” because that would “celebrate chickens as the intelligent, sensitive and social animals they are,” according to an article in the Mirror. The pub is Britain’s oldest, according to Guinness World Records, and has had the name since 1872.

Perhaps the chookwatchers would like to comment on this. Changing the name to ‘Ye Olde Clever Cocks’ in their case would surely be a stretch too far, as is the claim that chooks are ‘intelligent, sensitive and social animals’.

It seems, when observing chooks from an eagle-sized distance, that they are actually quite self-centred, have a pecking order, and don’t mind chasing other chooks around the pen when there’s feed to be fought over.

Sheep shocked by shearers!

In similar news from Australia, it seems that sheep have been allegedly verbally abused by New South Wales shearers.

Representatives from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals went undercover to get footage of a sheep farmer using curse words in front of a flock at Boorungie Station in Australia — then used it to file a complaint claiming the behavior constituted  abuse.

“The allegation was that bad language was used by an employee on the property in front of the sheep, and that they could have been offended by the use of bad language,” station operator Ken Turner said, according to Australia’s ABC.

It seems that authorities have taken this seriously. Sheep are not only being divested of their wool commodity, but allegedly insulted at the same time, poor lambs.

In a classic response, farmer Ken Turner suggested that the obvious answer to the quandary was to ask the sheep themselves to corroborate the evidence.

When you consider some of the lack of evidence and subsequent responses to commenting Hillsong and C3 supporters by the CW clan you could wonder whether there should be a complaint about some of the verballing of sheep that comes out of their chooky keyboards.

Mind you, how does one go ‘undercover’ at an anonymous chookpen like the CWs’ coup?

The world is stranger than fiction!