white chicken looking rightThere’s a great work to do in the earth today to win souls and make disciples, and we have to be at it and not wasting time on petty and pointless controversy.

The truth is that it’s become such a tedious task looking in at the yawn-worthy chookwatchers’ sites that there’s not much point, so, although this has be an occasional blogging presence, I’m going to turn the monitor off for a while to focus on far more important and rewarding things.

I’ve lately lost the will to scroll through the dull negativity of their repetitively boring opinion pieces. If anyone can get further than three paragraphs into their latest offerings they’d have to be on a caffeine high or something stronger. Really.

Even the comments by their half dozen regulars are almost impossible to read because they either serve up the same things they’ve been saying for years, or they’re merely sour quips and vain suppositions that highlight their disdain but carry little actual fact.

From Zorro to zero

I should also add that the unfortunately derisive TF (aka Zorro, etc.) has become so tiresome it’s become a huge effort to get past a couple of sentences of his painfully predictable contrariness.

TF’s been the main put-down merchant for the site whenever a Hillsong or C3 supporter says anything remotely positive about their church or pastor, but has so little that is constructive or friendly to say to anyone that you could be fooled into thinking these aren’t supposedly Christian discernment sites at all, but a collection of atheist antichristian blogs slamming believers at all costs.

The word is that their sites are having little or no affect on the growth and wellbeing of their target groups, so maybe it’s time to move on.

Bla-bla black sheep

Their most recent series concluded with part three of a piece by some mystery (secret) writer who claimed his church, which was influenced by Hillsong, promoted surprise events and claimed they are, therefore, secretive because they didn’t include this individual, who was supposed to be an ‘insider’, in the planning process and, it turns out, is actually an outsider.

Can you believe the irony of this? The chookwatchers are so secretive they don’t know which of the five or so anonymous moderators called chookwatcher might be commenting at any time, especially when they get into a huddle to argue with some commenter who reminds them of their abrasive attitude, reporting inaccuracy, or constant barrage against a couple of movements. But here they put up an article that claims a church is secretive because their leadership plans surprise events for its congregants.

Gosh, what a thing. A church that might encourage God’s people to rejoice and have expectations, even enjoy being in church and look forward to gathering with the saints. And nobody told this member who wants to be in the loop about everything that’s going on so he can give his stamp of approval. Oh dear! The poor chook is a sook.

That is the standard of the posts at the chookwatcher sites.  You could fall asleep thinking about the pointlessness of it all. Yawn!

Time for a break. Seriously.

A great work to do

The good news is that there are fabulous things taking place in the real Body of Christ, and God’s Word is going out into many surprising places. Doors are opening to us all over the place and it’s very hard to keep up with what God is doing in and through His Church in the earth today.

More and more responsibility is being given us as we step out in faith to do the Father’s will, and we must be focused on His directives and dedicated to carrying out His plans for our lives.

This is a most exciting time to be part of what God is doing, and there is a great expectation in the air for amazing things to take place right where we are. We are seeing breakthroughs in many places – lives changed and souls saved. Praise God.

It’s time for us

Take thought and pray for the people who are being persecuted around the world today. It is a sure sign that God is moving in the Body in a powerful way.

The gospel has been and always will be the means for reaching souls for the kingdom. Jesus is building his Church and he is enlisting people like you and I for the task. We will do exploits. In the midst of persecution the early Church prayed and asked for boldness and for God to move through them with healing by his mighty hand and He did.

Now is our time. There is so much to do and so many doors to go through in the name of Jesus.

There is no time to be bothered by the Sanballat or Tobias style barracker of the world, who moan, scoff and complain about the progress of God’s people. We can move forward with a tool of righteousness in one hand and the sword of the Spirit in the other to work as co-partners with Christ in building upon his foundations.

God speed to all who follow Christ into the ministry of winning souls.