white chicken looking rightI had considered writing a post on the latest shenanigans over at the CW sites, but, clearly, they have ventured into la-la land to some place beyond rational comprehension.

The only conclusion you can come to is that, in their haste to say something horrible about Christians they don’t like, they’ve lost the plot.

With conspiracy theories about what they call ‘fascist christianity’ (surely an oxymoron), promotion of a book by an atheist (yes, they recommend you buy it, and even place an advert for it on their headers), support for another atheist’s petition, defence of a sensationalist current affairs program featuring an atheist interviewer working with the atheist author and an atheist journalist, along with a continual yada-yada of dramatised opinion and supposition, their sites have journeyed way beyond the pale.

It would be interesting to deliberate over any Biblical issues they might have raised, but they seem to have abandoned scriptural evidence, or conversations about doctrine, and relied on reproduction of secular media beat-ups, deconstruction of tweets, opinion pieces on press releases, commentary on social media, and support for anyone who says anything negative about their target groups.

Of course, they don’t say anything about the current affairs program making money from their sponsors for drawing traffic by airing supposition about a very popular Christian conference, or that the atheist author has a new book being promoted whilst working with the same current affairs program, thus gaining free national publicity at the expense of the church they are dissing, which, by the way, was doing nothing at all illegal or controversial.

Beyond parody. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Oh, wait a minute! They do.