Chicken staringAs indicated in the previous post, the chookwatchers – the very anonymous, hidden, secretive chookwatchers – have posted a shameful attack on Darlene Zschech because she agreed to sing at a charismatic Catholic conference.

If they want to oppose Roman Catholicism, that’s fine. Let them do it using Biblical proof. There are many things that could be said about a religion that fails to meet the Biblical litmus test.

But let them put a name to their criticism rather than cower behind a false identity.

Wesley pointed out flaws in Catholic doctrine in his day and was heavily persecuted for it. Did he hide behind a pseudonym? Never. He was as bold as a lion. Same with Spurgeon, and many others. They had the courage of their convictions.

Luther was a Roman Catholic who rediscovered the true way to salvation. He was courageous in his confrontation of error. He did not hide behind a mask even though he was ostracised and persecuted, as were Huss, and Wycliffe, and Tyndale. None of them hid. Some gave their lives for the truth. All were willing.

Criticise away

And if chookwatchers want to criticise Darlene, well it’s a free country. Criticise me, criticise anyone they don’t agree with, but to do so anonymously and with such vehemence is cowardly and cheap.

But, look, please, someone, tell me, what has the lovely, gracious Darlene ever done to any of these people to deserve such a long and angry post by chookwatcher? What has so affected the chookwatchers that they see fit to say what they do about any Christians, let alone this precious woman of God? And they are using their self-imposed obscurity to post these sad and uncalled-for slurs against a much loved sister in Christ.

An example of their cowardly, base false claims:

‘Darlene has demonstrated again and again that she abhors Christ, His Church and His Word. She also despised Christians by refusing to listen to what they have to say. She is more adamant in elevating the second commandment above the first, thus proving she is an idolater.’

Wow! Let them come out of their shells and say this. Let them show who they are and stand before the Church of Jesus Christ and say this publicly without masks. Let us see their faces and test the courage of their convictions as they say it to the faces of those they accuse, as Christ has said we should. Remember His words? “Woman, where are those accusers of yours?” Let the accusers bring their witnesses before the Church as they bring charges against an elder. But let them be known, as scripture attests, to the Church.

And test for yourselves the hypocrisy of this remark:

‘Darlene is hiding the gospel of Christ under a bushel and is calling the darkness, light. The truth of God illuminates, the lie darkens.’

Yes, this from people who are hidden behind a mask of paranoia and stealth from all scrutiny and accountability. They hide their entire witness under a bushel of secrecy. As they say, “the lie darkens”, but isn’t being hidden behind the veil of the clandestine, placing themselves in the darkness?


Who will God adjudicate against in this – the person who openly reaches out to others despite their doctrine, who builds bridges, who shares Jesus with the masses regardless of their religious persuasion or spiritual condition, or will He judge against the masked person who criticises that person for mixing with the unsaved, the unlearned, the unchurched, the wine-bibbers, prostitutes, sinners and lost?

Did He send us into the world of the sinful to retrieve them to Himself, or did He set us up with hypercritical blogs to condemn those who do?

Was Paul an idol worshipper because he preached at the Parthenon in Athens about the Unknown God at the site of its statue, or was he using their idolatry as a visual means to point them to the One True God? Was Jesus a Roman pagan worshipper because he healed the Centurion’s servant using the Centurion’s instruction, or was the Centurion changed because Jesus came to his household regardless of his past, or his former religion, or his cultural upbringing? Was Jesus a loathed tax-collector because he went to Zechariah’s house? Was he a prostitute because he cast demons out of the demonised Mary Magdelaine?

The constant trial and guilt by association utilised by the chookwatchers is showing them to be short of any real evidence of anything.

Darlene is a Christian

Darlene is on record as having worshipped God and announced Christ from the platforms of nations, and of publishing the gospel amongst millions of people through a worship ministry that stretches over thirty years of fruitfulness and has touched countless thousands with the good news that Jesus is Lord and God has saving grace for all who can believe.

Her fruit is evident over many years of faithful ministry. To God be the glory for her ministry. So she has recently reached out to Roman Catholics. I spoke to Muslims today. Does this make me a Muslim, now? Like Darlene, I have spoken to countless Catholics about Christ. What else are we supposed to do? Not speak to people from other religions about our faith?

This is not all Darlene has ever done. This is a small part of her ministry. An opportunity taken to rejoice in the name of the Saviour and declare before witnesses her love for Christ.

What have the hidden, secretive, obscure chookwatchers done? What is their fruit? They have produced a series of critical discernment blogs that attract people who are against certain Christians and converse about their disgust endlessly, showing themselves to be unforgiving, unmerciful and without grace towards those they target.

Look, it was obvious that they would opportunistically go for Darlene because of this, but what they have written is far beyond reason or sense.

Cancer survivor

Darlene has fought and beaten cancer, praise God. She has given hope to women suffering from cancer by her witness and by the courage she has shown in her stand against a life-threatening illness, always stating that her trust is in Jesus to bring her through. That is the woman she is.

But what do the chookwatchers say of her from behind their masks?

People may think we are harsh with Darlene. However, it is people like her that DEMAND she be followed. She now prides herself as a pastor of Hope Unlimited Church (what hope does she offer?), which means she expects people to SUBMIT to her UNBIBLICAL authority.

Sadly, Darlene is another fraud who likes the benefits of Christianity but does not like the hard responsibility nor the accountability that comes with the office. As soon as she steps out of line, just like other false teachers, they downplay their responsibilities, condemn Christians and insist that we march to the beat of their visions and drums.

In this case, Darlene is playing the harlot for Pagan Rome and telling Christians that Jesus endorses her sins of compromise, peddling Roman Catholic mysticism and ecumenism in the process.’

Yes, the chookwatchers are being recklessly harsh with Darlene, but that is not the main issue. The main issue is that they are doing it in a cowardly and unbiblical manner by refusing to reveal who it is that is writing this piece and who it is that is supporting this disgusting tripe from within the chookwatcher enclave.

How can members of the chookwatcher tribe allow the writer to get away with this inconsiderate drivel? Is there not one of them that can say they disagree with what has been said?

The chookwatchers say that ‘people like her that DEMAND she be followed’

Darlene has not demanded anything from the chookwatchers. Nothing whatsoever. She was shocked at their criticism. She was dismayed at their aggressive stance towards her ministry to Catholics. But she did not demand a thing from them or anyone else. She has not demanded anything from the world, or from Christians, or even from the local church she oversees with her husband.

They say Darlene ‘prides herself as a pastor’. That’s ridiculous and unkind. She doesn’t ‘pride’  herself as a pastor; she answered the call of God to stand with her husband as he was obedient to plant a church in the name of Jesus.

What this passage shows is the chookwatchers’ understanding of what a local church overseer expects. It is not what Darlene expects, that’s for sure. Thank God none of the chookwatchers are overseers of local churches. Their doctrine is banal. The writer and his ‘team’ clearly do not understand the role of a pastor. Why would they?

They call Darlene a fraud. Can you believe these secretive people, hiding behind fake names? Calling others frauds.

Darlene is no fraud. She’s the real deal.

She is a godly, loving, kind and brave woman who has long been a worship leader for the local church, who has written some of the great hymns of our time, who has planted a thriving church with her husband, which is no mean feat, who has stood against a deadly illness, who has encouraged countless women to make the same stand in the name of Jesus, and who has reached out to people regardless of their religious background with the love of Christ.

The chookwatchers say, she ‘is another fraud who likes the benefits of Christianity but does not like the hard responsibility nor the accountability that comes with the office’. Can you stand the hypocrisy of this untrue claim when the chookwatchers themselves are so secretive no one knows if they are actually Christians, or if they are accountable to anyone but themselves? If they had any accountability they would reveal themselves and say these things to Darlene’s face, preferably with her husband present.

Darlene has condemned no one. That is a trumped up charge.

They call Darlene Zschech a harlot and imply that she is a wolf. That is so low that it is beneath contempt. It merely shows the depths to which the chookwatcher clan have sunk. I would like to be angry about what they have said about our sister, but I can only feel deep shame for them, and pray for them that they’ll come out of this some day with repentant hearts, because they do claim to be Christian brothers and sisters. But I still have to ask the question with tears, how can they say these things?

And they say Darlene preaches compromise – a woman who has given her life to Christ and tirelessly published his name throughout the nations, who has stood before great audiences proclaiming the greatness of God, who has fought cancer and given glory to God, who has championed the local church and encouraged countless thousands of people to receive, honour and praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

God help them.

The last time I was in a congregation where Darlene ministered, she gave testimony of her fight against cancer, at a time when she was still in the fight, giving hope to countless people, including some close to me, and gave all glory to God for the way in which he was strengthening her through the ordeal.

God bless her and keep her.

Let’s leave the last words to Darlene:

‘C’mon church. Isaiah 60 says to ARISE SHINE Thy light has come that even as the earth grows darker, Christ’s light in us shines brighter. Let’s not be dulled down by a lack of understanding, or a judgmental attitude. I had to continually remind myself that I was there to announce and declare the Kingdom of God and not to fault find but to be aware and awake to something very precious. And so on we go, hearts and hands ready for all God is calling us into.’