chooklookHere’s a brief selection of chooks’ and their chooklets’ responses to one Carly, who only went onto the chookwatch site to say she enjoyed a Hillsong meeting, and attempted to not only show humour in her responses, but to remain firm about the way she was being treated by the collective, practically pleading for a mature conversation, but to no avail.

This is all from one brief excerpt on a single thread. All comments are by regular chookwatch adherents. See if you can detect anything gracious, Christlike or friendly here:

‘From the low level of knowledge you have displayed here so far, I would not trust you on anything.’

‘Going by the tenor in all your posts, one must question whether you pray at all.’

‘…it’s quite confusing talking to you. Does the rudeness stem from a different personality i.e. “lunchbox blues”? The personality that doesn’t like the boundaries of having to be a Christ-like pastor’s wife?’

‘Being a ‘pastor’s’ wife should have made you more discerning, but apparently it didn’t…’

‘What you display is an argumentative and judgmental spirit.’

‘You are a puffed-up nonentity: a clueless moron with a meaningless piece of paper, who is hitched to a fraud who has even less idea than you do.’

‘If this husband of yours really sees himself as a “pastor”, why doesn’t he comment here himself? Or is he quite content to have his whiny little Miss Jezebel wear the pants?’

‘More to the point, you don’t have the brains for it.’

‘I wonder if hubby lets her teach her talk that smack from the pulpit in church, seeing how she’s got that big degree and all – Lol!’

‘The jury remains out on that one. Evidence to date strongly suggests that it would be very difficult to underestimate the extent of your intellectual prowess.’

‘You are very arrogant and I would recommend you seek serious counseling [sic].’

‘And how are your overgeneralised, amateur self-help psychology quotes of any relevance to this blog entry…’

‘Perhaps you should step away from the internet before you further embarrass yourself and the cause of Christ any further…’

‘I’m afraid that it’s you that’s been playing games, and you seem to be the drama queen here.’

‘Bigger priorities? Like working on that Scripture-barren thing you call a ‘website?’ It is kind of lonely over there, not too many readers there huh? How much money and how many years did you say you wasted on that ‘degree?’’

‘I reasoned that it was appropriate to quote half the question given that you have only half a brain.’

‘Obviously not in your case; you are not nearly as intelligent as the average door mat.’

‘Folks, we are communicating with a very bored “troll”. Time to stop feeding it.’

‘Why don’t you get off that smug backside of yours and do some research? If you’re too lazy and ignorant to be able to do that, you certainly don’t deserve to be spoon-fed by anyone here…’

‘And if you don’t like being characterised as an undiscerning empty-head, how about bringing something to the table that will persuade people otherwise, rather than whining about how others won’t do your work for you?’

Nice people those chookwatch adherents. Really helpful and ready to reach out to people, even if they disagree with their perspective. What was that about the fruit of the Spirit being love, joy, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control?

As Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits.”

My advice is to stay away from their commentary section unless you are really prepared to be verballed by negative group-think. There is no way that you can come out of it unscathed or unsoiled. Best to leave them to their delusions of grandeur.

Of course the tag ‘troll’ is applied to anyone who has the strength of character to stand up to these kinds of responses to a genuine concern. Once ‘troll’ is assigned to a commenter, the next stage is moderation, followed by censorship, unless the collective is allowed to toy with the respondent for a period of time.

By the way, this is fairly typical assortment of quotes from chookwatcher supporters when conversing with anyone who shows appreciation for Hillsong.

There was nothing in Carly’s tone or communication which deserved any of this. These people claim to be Christians displaying Christlike tendencies. Setting the example for other believers, or so they seem to be claiming.

Lord help them!