white chicken looking rightIn an outrageously hysterical post on one of his sites chookwatcher takes aim at a really helpful and well written article by Phil Pringle.

Based on a series on the Beatitudes, Phil’s article ‘Persecuted‘ is a really strong piece that reminds us that we have an enemy who will stop at nothing to try to prevent us from achieving all that God has called us to do, but will fail because God is up ahead and right behind us when we step out in faith, preach the gospel, and carry on regardless of the adversary’s attempts at stalling our progress.

The author of chaos

Desperate to cause mischief and sow discord by any means, chookwatcher has composed a spiteful and unnecessary article that actually shows him to be unbalanced in his ability to produce a pertinent and calm analysis.

In fact, the post is not so much a critique of ‘Persecuted‘ as a stolen opportunity by chookwatcher to slate a minister of God and show his disdain of a godly man’s endeavours to minister life into a lost world.

Chookwatcher’s hyperbole is so strong that it is almost impossible to get through the article without wondering if this person is actually under any kind of pastoral supervision at all, or sitting under any solid teaching of the Word of God in a good local church on a regular basis, because any true Christian would know that this kind of behaviour is far from Christlike, even if you don’t like or respect someone.

Of course, being anonymous as the chooks are, no one could know whether chookwatcher is genuinely saved, actually attends a local church, or definitely sits under the consistent pastoral care of an overseer – as all Christians should.

Fifty shades of Earl Grey

Embellishing articles with the kind of words chookwatcher uses is not actually a critique. It is simply throwing around insults to create a storm in the chookwatch teacup.

The reader would be far better off reading ‘Persecuted‘ on Phil Pringle’s blog and taking in some good teaching that will actually assist them in their walk, than wasting their precious time and polluting their mind on the chookwatcher article, which is so poorly constructed and ill-willed that I won’t even reference the title.

Maybe one of the chookwatcher ‘team’ could have a quiet word with chookwatcher number one to let him know he is showing serious signs of overplaying his hand.

Better still, perhaps they could let him know that if he actually read the article he criticised with an open mind he might learn something that will help him step over the line onto the right side instead of confirming the very article he criticises.