Chicken-30There is an immense risk that sites like the CWs, in promoting atheist views and current affairs programs that oppose strong contemporary churches, are potentially assisting movements to diminish the role of the Church.

There is always a place for healthy criticism, as long as it is conducted in an unbiased and fairly conducted manner on scriptural lines, but when sites such as the CW blogs continually promote antichristian programs, they are helping to promote those who hope the Church will be forced underground.

Outlawed for our faith

This may or may not be a good thing for the Church, because it is in the atmosphere of persecution that true believers are born, and we should not fear the possibility of being driven underground, but the drive towards the outlawing of the Body of Christ should be the work of the enemy of Christ and not from those who purport to be Christians.

Some may say this will never happen, but if you have been following the situation in Tasmania where the Catholic Bishops have been summoned before the anti-discriminatory board to face charges because they promoted what is in effect the constitutional definition of marriage, then you know that the journey down the slippery slope of anti-church legalism is well advanced in some quarters, and rapidly moving along.

Who would have thought this remotely possible ten years ago?

Paul Kelly in the Australian writes:

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, …  sketches the cultural crisis the church sees as a potential outcome for Australia — that in 10 years religious schools will be forced by law to teach a gay-friendly concept of marriage in conflict with their beliefs, that clergy will face fines and possibly imprisonment, that faith schools and teachers will be mired in legal threats for “hate speech”, that religious organisations will be compelled by law to extend spousal benefits on a same-sex basis and will have lost their charitable status and that all businesses will be compelled to provide services for same-sex marriage, regardless of their beliefs….

This is only part of the push to squeeze the churches. There have also been questions raised by Parliamentarians about the tax-free status of churches, especially those that are successful.

The CWs may think that they are merely being good Christians when they push their agenda of quoting any pundit who opposes Hillsong, Brian Houston, C3, Phil Pringle or any other associated ministers, but, in fact, they are aiding and abetting the media commentary that seeks to push the Church further into the wilderness.

Targeting the local church

If the CWs have a Biblical reason for questioning those ministries they oppose then let them put their case, adding their names to their claims, and let their forum be open for discussion or debate so that those they accuse can respond without fear of censure, ridicule, hostility or false claims.

However, if they choose to continue quoting atheists, anti-christian media outlets and sensationalist journalists let them be aware that they are part of the drive to push away the witness of the churches, to prevent Christians from witnessing with full freedom and to create a secular humanist society that outlaws Christianity.

The main area the CWs wittingly or unwittingly support is the removal of tax-free status for not-for-profits, which enables social associations, including churches which come under this sector, to provide a service to the community that the government and private enterprise is unable to deliver in the same way, because these associations are run by and for the people.

Most governments champion grass roots organisations that provide recreation, community interaction and social activities for ordinary citizens, which is why they endeavour to allow tax-free status and other benefits that help associations continue to fill a gap that would quickly open up without this kind of initiative.

By promoting media outlets that criticise this tax-free status and other controversial antichristian arguments, the CWs’ team help place pressure on governments to remove these benefits from the sector, especially for churches, which are coming under most of the flack.

The often insincere claims of a few populist media outlets sensationalise the trivial and exaggerate the innuendo provided by some of their regular commentators, much of which is fact-free.

Our challenge to the CWs is to produce genuine Biblical arguments for their claims that can be tested and examined in the light of the Word, and to desist from their reliance on gossip mongers, twitter commentary and media sensationalists.


If the churches lose their tax-free status it would be a blow for many, albeit one that we would recover from, because it would lead to congregations being taxed twice – once from their salary at work, and again from their donations to their local church, which would be a travesty of justice.

The CWs’ team, if they are genuine Christians, need to stand with the rest of the Body in resisting the moves to prevent the Church from being able to preach the full gospel without fear of being criminalised, which may be the outcome of the Tasmanian challenge if it is ratified and sets a precedent.

There is a fight on for the Word of God. The media outlets promoted by the CWs’ team are part of the problem. Will the chooks open their eyes and realise what it is they are promoting on their sites, or will they continue to be the go-to sites for antichristian current affairs programs?

Nevertheless, whatever happens, Jesus is Lord, He is building His Church, and the gates of hades will not prevail against us.

“Fear not for I am with you”, says the Lord.