white chicken looking rightThe chookwatcher sites are what happens when chooks, being flightless, earthbound critters, vainly claim the high ground.

But you can only rise to the height that your faith in God allows. If it falls short you will not get lift off, and the potential He avails to you will not be realised.

Creating a narrative that confines chooks to a certain meme and pitch cannot carry them above the ordinary.

They have condemned themselves to scrabble around in their own dust and refuse, focused on the negative and unaware of the potential that awaits all true believers in the higher places in Christ.

The highest point in the coop is still way below the mountains over which faith in God causes us to soar.

The only way to rise above the basic is to be in Christ, seated in heavenly places in Him.

Then we are far above all principality, power, rule and dominion, and the earthbound critics of this world cannot reach us, cannot touch us.

From this position we are able to get on with God’s work in our lives without fear of contradiction from the flightless, or compromise, or lack of confidence in the One who has called and separated us for the tasks we have before us.

Time to leave the coop behind.