Chicken-30Chookwatcher might be earnest in his convictions about the ministries he comes against, but this doesn’t make him honest.

Increasingly the level of honesty displayed by the posts and comments chookwatcher makes reveal a hidden sinister side to his motives.

There are many examples of this, and some of the articles on this site have pointed out the strategic narrative and meme construction techniques chookwatcher uses to create a fantasy world that demonises the Christian ministers, churches and movements it derides.

Of late, having repeated some of its half-truths and suppositions without evidence so many times it’s like a worn out record, chookwatcher has stooped even lower, tunnelling into the rancid chookpen dirt to produce outright and blatant untruths in an attempt to keep the narrative running, and specifically to fashion guilt by association charges against Hillsong, C3, and any other collegiate at hand.

Guilt by association is not a valid claim

Association, by the way, is not evidence of guilt. Otherwise Jesus was just as guilty of his own betrayal as Judas, and Stephen, being Jewish, was as guilty of his own stoning as Saul and his Jewish zealots.

Despite this fact, the dishonest claims keep coming from chookwatcher’s shifty keyboard .

One concerns the ministry status of Pat Mesiti. The court case he has been through is not our issue here, but chookwatcher made the claim that he was still a pastor at Hillsong, and tried to make the case that he was a pastor at C3.

Neither of these things is correct. Mesiti was relieved of his pastoral status over thirteen years ago by the AOG after he fell. He has never been reinstated. Neither has been accredited with pastoral status with C3.

This is a known fact. Even the media, which is often hostile towards successful Christian movements and ministers, acknowledge that he is an ex-Hillsong pastor.

Not so chookwatcher. He continues with the dishonest claim that Mesiti is employed as a Hillsong pastor, and hints that he is also a C3 pastor.

Why? So that he can attribute guilt by association to Hillsong, C3 and their leadership, and produce the same cover story on three of his anti-christian sites.

Prove it

In response to a commenter named David, who has intelligently pursued the case that chookwatcher is in error to claim that Mesiti is a pastor at Hillsong, chookwatcher, who continues to resist the truth, said the following:

‘You need to prove David that Pat Mesiti is NOT a Hillsong pastor. Why not get Hillsong to issue a public statement to resolve this confusion? All we can rely on is Hillsong’s information on this man. Hillsong have also remained deliberately silent on this issue, confirming our suspicions.’

That is a very loaded and dishonest statement, and desperate in its illogical fervency. By this reckoning we all have to prove everything we are already not guilty of.

Think about this. It’s so dumb it could only come from the dark side of reason.

The onus is always on the prosecution to demonstrate guilt. Chookwatcher has no such evidence. If he did have proof he would certainly produce it. That is his nature. He is the epitome of accuser.

Why should Hillsong prove something that is not true anyway? That is absolutely ridiculous. The fact that chookwatcher can’t see this is evidence of his obsessive accusative nature.

Neither have Hillsong been silent on it.

The AOG relieved Mesiti of his pastoral credentials long ago and they have not been reinstated. We all know that Mesiti is an ex-Hillsong pastor. For over thirteen years. Why would they re-announce it to help chookwatcher grasp it thirteen years later?

The information on Mesiti’s status is already out there. The media gets it. The church gets it. Everyone gets it, except, it seems, chookwatcher and his cohorts. Mesiti is an ex-pastor.

As chookwatcher continues to dig this dirty hole in the pen one wonders how long it will be before he and his followers vanish into the same depths of dishonesty as their secretive anonymity dictates.