chookandeggWhat a dog’s breakfast Rosebrough made of his unkind critique of Alex Farncombe’s recent message at C3.

My educated guess is that the main chookwatcher gave this sermon to the pirate as belated opportunist revenge because Alex outed him when chookwatcher number one was crass enough to publicly denigrate and name Alex for putting out a youth promo five years ago, almost to the day, when the chookwatcher boss was main honcho for critical blog Signposts02.

In that SP02 thread, the chookwatcher king removed his own name after he was outed, but left Alex’s name in a final act of defiance. The chookwatcher boss even denied he was who he was – yes, folks, he fibbed, laid an egg of disingenuous proportions, but everyone knew he had been outed.

Immediately following this, confirming the claim, he spat the dummy, left the SP02 site altogether and went off to start a couple of other critical sites, before starting up the chookwatcher series.

So, five years later, as Alex starts up in public ministry, he sends Alex’s sermon to the pirate, and the pirate twists and turns his way around what is actually a good message delivered to young people in a growing church.

I did have a listen to the pirate’s attempt at a critique, and, as usual, it turned into a crashingly boring self-promotion of the pirate’s own take on cessationist theology. It didn’t address Alex’s message at all. It surmised Alex’s intentions and made up something completely different.

One thing stands out. The pirate doesn’t have a clue what a testimony is.

Sabbatical recommended

The pirate needs to take some time out – have a sabbatical. Go and seek God for three months, away from the blog and the piracy. Apply some of the repentance he talks about for others. Seek God earnestly. Get into the Spirit and fast and pray until he knows the bitterness and sarcasm he is gathering and garnering towards other Christians has been washed away and deeply cleansed.

Then maybe he could return to the program and listen back to what he’s been saying about Christians with a pure heart and clear mind. He will be shocked at his attitude.

I’d suggest the same for chookwatcher and his team, but if this is what they do five years after the head chookwatcher was outed by Alex, then I don’t hold much hope for them – and I’m a pretty positive and forgiving person who tends to see the best in people regardless of what they may say or do to others.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on chookwatcher numero uno.

Maybe the pirate found the sermon on his own.

Maybe pigs fly.

Regardless, we should be encouraging a young man in his ministry with constructive remarks, not contriving ridiculously hypercritical public denouncements of his early career as a preacher of the gospel.

God knows. God sees. God acts. God’s call.

I’m looking forward to more from Alex. He’s a godly, earnest, positive young man with a glowing future in Christ.

The fact that the pirate is being critical so early in Alex’s career speaks volumes for his excellent potential.

And, knowing Alex, I think he’ll have no trouble seeing the humorous side of this and come up with a sting of his own.

God speed, Alex! Keep it up!