Miss_PrissyLoony Toons are taking over at the chookpen. I’m not sure who is writing their stuff these days, but it is so over the top ludicrous that I can’t understand why anyone at the chookpen isn’t taking chookwatcher aside and letting him know it’s not a good look.

The latest effort features such a mish-mash of disconnected opinions, falsehoods and claims that it is almost impossible to piece together what they are actually trying to say.

Let’s pull out a few of the things chookwatcher implies.

‘The Hillsong movement and the C3 Church movement from Australia (and the Australian and New Zealand AOG) are apart of the NAR cult.’

Flat out lie. They have never been part of the New Apostolic Reformation. End of.

No NAR website

NAR stands for the New Apostolic Reformation, and there’s a whole lot of fuss about it on discernment and conspiracy sites.

It’s immensely telling that there is more about NAR on social commentary sites than there is from NAR.

Think about this. If NAR were such a threat to global security, surely it would have a massive web presence, at least, and we would be seeing NAR intervention stuff all over the media on a regular basis.

However, what we see when looking through browser search is a long list of discernment sites recycling conspiracy theories about this mysteriously threatening organisation.

Yet, there isn’t even an official website I can find. Newapostolicreformation.com is actually for sale if you want it, as is the .org and the .net. In fact, every version is available. Hilarious!

The only links are to the Wagner Institute and the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders [ICAL], which is a fellowship rather than a movement.

It is also extremely doubtful and a long stretch that NAR can actually be considered a cult. It is a theological perspective held by a loose conglomerate of like-minded charismatic ministries, but whether it is, or can be in and of itself, a cult is highly questionable since each of the ministries that fellowships within the ICAL would need to be individually examined.

The concept of the New Apostolic Reformation is based on an interpretation of scripture and couple of books that theorised on a perceived move of God. It also has the ICAL website which encourages like-minded ministers to join and form partnerships. But it isn’t a denomination like the Methodists or Anglicans.

Further, it is a charismatic association of ministers rather than ministries.

Hillsong and C3 have never been part of it, are not members, do not say whether they are for or against it, and are, anyway, Pentecostal movements, not charismatics.

I would call that a slam-dunk.

Propaganda about propaganda

What else do the chookwatchers say?

The propaganda arm of the NAR are the TBN network, the CBN network, the CharismaMag, Charisma News and many other so-called Christian publishing houses or “Christian” channels. 

So it is worth any government or media organisation to pay attention to the dangers these cults are pushing on their cities, states or nations under the guise of Christianity. The results of these dangerous doctrines are horrific.

Of course, Chookwatcher completely makes this up. He is guessing, as he often does. He is pitching a horseshoe into the dark hoping it will catch the nail, and missing by a mile.

TBN has been in existence far longer than NAR. It has been a charismatic media house for many years longer than C Peter Wagner proposed the notion of a connected group of apostolic ministries. Charisma Mag, ditto.

Ministries pay to use the services of TBN and CBN. If a ministry can afford to broadcast its programs on TBN/CBN, provided it complies with TBN/CBNs policies, it can say whatever it likes within a Christian context, and it has nothing to do with TBN/CBN.

Right there, chookwatcher’s lame theory is lambasted by simple logic.

However, in his apparently delusive state, chookwatcher continues to inaccurately rewrite history to fit his agenda and narrative using guesswork, innuendo and supposition.

Bring in the Feds

Chookwatcher’s continued futile quest to have government intervention against these churches and ministries is both unconstitutional and unchristian. None of them is breaking the law. None of them is operating outside of the requirements of broadcasting or not-for-profit regulations.

None of them is operating with dangerous doctrines. What chookwatcher means is that they do not necessarily hold to chookwatcher Reformed doctrine, so that means they are now the enemy.

Notice, also how chookwatcher calls on the secular media to ‘pay attention’ to these ministries, which he calls cults, but has no grounds to do so. He has never shown this. It is merely a meme he has themed. He wants nothing less than government sanction and media disapproval of the charismatic churches.

Blaming Becky

Wait, it gets worse.

Chookwatcher now completely switches his attention to a totally unrelated ministry that has literally nothing to do with Hillsong or C3. Staying with his mission to defame women in ministry, chookwatcher goes after a childrens’ ministry that may or may not have had some kind of association with someone who knows someone who’s related to a person who bought an ice-cream from a guy who once knew a bloke from NAR.

Chookwatcher shows some film or other featuring someone called Becky, and makes an utterly ridiculous claim because he wants to steer the reader towards fascism and Nazi Germany.

Yes, he is about to introduce Godwin’s law (which says something is so bad it is worse than Hitler’s Nazi Reich), always a sign of desperation from a writer who has lost his way, and he somehow uses Becky as a segway into his pet agenda.

‘Christianity should reject NAR cults like [Becky’s] because the NAR for decades has been gutting Christian churches, force them to align under their Apostolic Regime and brainwash people to embrace it’s totalitarian end-times agenda. To question their doctrine’s is to question what God is teaching his church through his governing NARpostles [sic] and Prophets.

And the world will think that [Becky] is “another Adolf Hitler” because the New Apostolic Reformation raises dictators that impose their values and beliefs on a culture through unbiblical and irrational means.’

You see what I mean? Chookwatcher is so lacking in journalistic focus or integrity that he is quite happy to load a piece with the most extreme tosh he can either find or make up.

‘Totalitarian’ is another big word

So now, according to chookwatcher logic, NAR has a ‘totalitarian end-times agenda’. It does? What, you mean to win souls and make disciples?

C Peter Wagner must be the least likely of all Christian commentators to be considered in any way totalitarian. He’s a respected seminary professor in his eighties. He observes things and writes books about them.

He has been deeply interested in the charismatic move and, as a published author, has documented some elements he has observed. He has taken it to another level by teaching it and encouraging unity amongst like-minded persons.

Never, anywhere, has he ever said a person could not question his doctrine. In fact, in his books, he invites people to question what he has written, and states that he may change his mind about it if he sees things differently in the future.

And NAR, according to chookwatcher, raises ‘dictators’ like elderly children’s worker Becky that impose their values, etc, etc. So Becky is training up children to be filled with the Holy Spirit and understand how the Holy Spirit relates to their life. This is dictatorship?

Wait, though, because chookwatcher hasn’t finished yet. Not content with comparisons to nazism and fascism, he wants to throw in Islamic terrorist comparisons, too.

‘According to the Al Jazeera, the NAR is “America’s own Taliban” (The taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan currently waging jihad within that country). And Al Jazeera would know considering they are very familiar with what the Taliban is and how jihads work. In fact, NARpostle [sic] Peter Wagner himself is proud of the fact that the NAR is the fastest growing religion in the world and considers it is rivaling the growth of Islam.’

Rivalling the growth of an organisation isn’t the same as imitating it.

Can you believe the logic displayed here? Al Jazeera isn’t exactly a great spokes-group for Christian ideals or theology. Saying ‘Al Jazeera would know’ isn’t all that convincing.

Al Jazeera would know what? That a Christian organisation is capable of influencing people in a nation with a large Christian population to vote a certain way in democratic elections?

Terror or populist influence?

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. The evidence is there for all to see. What do the Taliban do that sets them apart? They terrorise people. They close down schools. They force women to be completely covered in public. They refuse education for all females and are prepared to kill for this cause, and destroy schools that do not comply. They would like to see Israel wiped off the map. They refuse to recognise the right of Israel to exist. They actively and militantly attempt to enforce Sharia on any and all nations. They hate Christians and Jews. They seek division and truly desire militant dominion through force.

There is absolutely no comparison with New Apostolic Reformation, who use completely legal, normal, and acceptable means to influence their communities, such as lobbying politicians, voting in elections, promoting democracy, encouraging women into positions of responsibility, bringing men together for prayer, promoting education, pushing for financial accountability and sufficiency, pressing for the rights of the individual to assemble peaceably with others in public places, raising funds to support Israel, and any number of peaceful means of promoting their nation and the kingdom of God.

Love it or loathe it, their Seven Mountain Mandate, we know, is the evidence of this. Chookwatcher opposes it as a concept, and would like NAR to abandon this process because they strongly believe it is dominionism, but in fact, it is being a peaceful, influential Christian voice in a secular society. I am not saying I am for or against it, but it is a viable approach to their mission and neither cultish nor antichristian. It is a mission statement held by a number of ministers.

These things alone tell you that Al Jazeera was being provocative in its assessment, but you have to wonder why chookwatcher takes it upon himself to champion and promote Al Jazeera’s view when it is so patently wrong. They actually reproduce this antichristian article in its entirety in another post.

Influencing political debate in a democratic nation is not the same as terrorising the population into quivering, cowering dhimmihood through violent means.

Believe it or not, there is more, but this will do for now. There is a sense of delusion about these things chookwatcher is writing. His obsession is catching up with him.

In this one article he has falsely accused Hillsong of associations with NAR that do not exist, demonised those associations using false assumptions, made the claim that they are based in fascism, nazism and hitlerism, added the accusation that they are akin to Taliban terror militancy, and done so without a shred of evidence, which is mainly because there is none.

It’s not a full moon this week by any chance?