chooktwoIf you’re fairly new here, you may not realise that chookwatcher is actually made up of several people all operating under the same pseudonym.

This rather hideous conglomeration leads to some interesting cross-commentry. Here’s one that points out how confused and scripturally inept chookwatcher can look whilst it insists on being several commenters within one secret entity.

One chookwatcher writes, in a recent post:

‘Recently, Jan Crouch passed away, not to heaven – but to the eternal flame for her false and blasphemous TBN ministry. We’re not rejoicing over this – this is a tragedy.’

And so on and so forth. This part of the entity appears to include all members of the entity as if it is in agreement, but it seems not.


First of all, this ridiculous and pompous claim of the late Mrs Crouch’s surmised eternal destiny is quite rightly challenged by old friend Greg.

‘How exactly do you know that? It could be true -it could not be? I’m just interested in how you are privy to the eternal residence of Jan Crouch’s soul?’

Indeed. Chookwatcher’s level of presumption is so unbiblical that one wonders if he really has deemed himself to be elevated above the throne of God.

Then, lo and behold, in response to Greg, another chookwatcher pops up with a comment that completely rebuts the first chookwatcher’s obviously ignorant and speculative claim.

Quoting another blogger, this chookwatcher points out that:

‘My list of sins would look different from the late Mrs. Crouch, but its length might rival hers. If we we achieve salvation based on good behavior, I’m as lost as many think she was. Because I like to share my misery, I’m here to inform you that you are too. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the Gospel is about behavior, but not ours. It’s about His. Jesus lived a perfect life and obedient death in your place and if your faith is in Him, you are credited, “imputed”, with His righteousness.

Your behavior is replaced by His and is your “get out of hell free” card on Judgment Day. It’s free to you, but cost Him everything. So, the truth about Jan Crouch is that if she believed on the name of Jesus she is in His presence right now.’

Exactly, and a very fair rebuttal of the first chookwatcher’s glaring error.

Which chookwatcher can you believe?

So, with there being so many chookwatchers within the entity, who are we to believe at any given time? Their inconsistency and counter-opinion reveals that we should not trust anyone with that name-tag.

Why don’t they simply come clean and reveal their true identity so that they can stand up and be counted?

As long as they fail to reveal themselves and hide behind that preposterous facade they are fully open to scrutiny as one and the same entity. Their testimony is also made of no effect.

Time to come out, chooks. You know it makes sense.