chooklookWhen chookwatcher was recently caught out in a fabrication the only honest and scriptural recourse was to retract his accusations and apologise.

Instead, he appealed to his own followers for advice on whether he should correct an error or let the error remain on his sites.

Of course, the error is still up there in lights.

Now he has written a piece entitled ‘Carl Lentz says those who practice discernment, ‘hate the church’?’

Well, no, Carl doesn’t say this at all.

Carl actually puts it to chookwatcher that chookwatcher hates the church. He was very specific. He wasn’t talking about so-called discernment blogs in general.

He was singling out chookwatcher and his blogs when he said ‘I realise you hate the church’.

A negative attitude to people could be considered hate

He was referring to chookwatcher’s obsession with Hillsong which is displayed in continual negative posts, such as the now thirteen or more articles on the Naked Cowboy incident alone.

Chookwatcher’s fanatically dark attitude towards Hillsong and Brian Houston could not be mistaken for love of any Biblical kind. Perhaps it could be psychologically an introverted love of writing horrible things about people.

There is only love or hate. There is no in-between, no grey area. You either love or you hate.

Of course, chookwatcher, attempting to excuse his excessive bombardment of negative posts about Hillsong, says:

‘Calling people to repent is an act of great love.’

Well, yes, it can be, but the fact that Carl is drawing to chookwatcher’s attention is nothing to do with a call to repentance, but the outright dishonesty displayed by chookwatcher in one of his articles about Brian Houston, where chookwatcher said the following:

‘Mr. Houston is spinning the idea that the ‘Naked Cowboy’ was simply a prankster and that because one video was leaked, everything else was “hearsay and rumour”…

…it has taken less than 24 hours when Brian published his statement where he has decided to cyber-lynch Diego Simila, making it look as though Diego himself was never existed as a Hillsong pastor.

Hopefully Hillsong will stop performing this cyber-lynch on Diego Simila and let the dust settle. Doing things like this only prove they are guilty of lying and covering up their sins.’

Carl Lentz made it abundantly clear that this was not the case, that chookwatcher had made it up, and that chookwatcher needed to lift his game.

In short, chookwatcher was caught out in a serious fabrication of the truth. It was an outright falsification. It was an invention, a concoction, a cock-and-bull story. There was no truth to it.

Context, context, context

That was entirely the context in which Carl Lentz came to conclusion that chookwatcher was showing signs of hatred towards Hillsong.

Carl wasn’t talking about anyone else. We know this because Carl was commenting at chookwatchcentral, and said, of that particular blog, ‘I’ve seen quite a few silly things on this topic, this blog is right up there w/ the most silly.’

Then Carl added:

‘I realise you hate our church and you get excited to get new material up as fast as you can, that’s your obvious right. But your credibility suffers when you have to retract things, and I want you to be the best church watcher site you can be.’

Carl graciously wants chookwatcher to be the best chookwatcher he can. How? By getting the facts straight and determining to refrain from making up stories about Hillsong that are not true. Sounds reasonable to me.

Then chookwatcher adds a few condescending comments that attempt to tell Carl how to improve his church. Of course, chookwatcher has never planted a church, or helped grow a church. He has only ever criticised churches or been asked to leave churches as far as anyone knows.

But the upshot of this latest post is that chookwatcher adds to the previous fabrication by building another.

Rather than admit his error, remove it from the blogosphere, as he has promised to do if he can be shown to have said something that is not correct, and apologise, chookwatcher drives his diminished credibility deeper into the mire.

Carl wasn’t addressing people who use discernment in general. He was confronting chookwatcher with an error that still demands correction.

End of.