white chicken looking rightIt’s telling to note that the moderators at chookwatch sites are still using the same pseudonym.

They all list themselves as chookwatcher.

So no one can know who is actually commenting, writing articles, or providing the criticism they are now famed for.

Clearly embarrassed by this awkwardness, and seeking, as all normal humans do, an individual identity, one of them now signs off their comments as ‘Team Chookwatch‘.

Of course, this is still a misnomer. Teams are a collection of individuals, each of whom is known to the other members and to those who observe.

Team members have names

For instance, your local football team might be called Man Utd, but the players all have names, and positions, skills and expectations. You cannot confuse Rooney with Pogba, or Degea with Martial. They each have roles, abilities and known traits that identify them to their teammates and to the crowd of onlookers.

They are not each called ‘Man Utd’.

Imagine the life of a commentator describing a game that featured players who all had the same identity, and were all called Man Utd. “And now Man Utd has the ball, and he passes to Man Utd, who goes past the defender and crosses. Now Man Utd heads the ball across the goal mouth to Man Utd, who shoots and scores. Goal!”

Well, how would that help anyone? None would know who passed, nor who scored.

And the post-match pundits’ conversation would be a total nonsense. “Man Utd played really well today, but Man Utd was missing for most of the game. I think Man Utd has potential, but needs to pass the ball to team mates like Man Utd more often. Man Utd made a fabulous save just before half time, and Man Utd’s movement and passing was excellent, but Man Utd was my man of the match today.”


Jesus’ team members had names

Jesus also had a team. His disciples were his followers, and they were hand-picked by Him.

He not only called them by name – Simon Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James ben Alphaeus, Simon the Zealot, Judas, and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him – He made them members of His team.

They were not all known individually under some secretive pseudonym He adopted for Himself for them all to use in case they were persecuted. He promised them persecution for His name’s sake.

They came, eventually, under the heading of Apostles, and were called Christians, and even known amongst themselves as believers, but they retained their actual names and are known to us still today. We even talk about their various characters as revealed in scripture.

No secrets to the gospel worker

In fact, Jesus told them not to hide their lamp under a bushel. In other words, they were to shine the light wherever they went. The gospel is not the venture of a secret organisation afraid to show itself publicly in case critics or enemies take pot shots at them.

The gospel is the good news revealed by saints – called out ones – who expect persecution, criticism and even revulsion from the critical world for the gospel’s sake.

They were all persecuted, and many gave their lives for the gospel. They were not hidden away behind some mask, or so ashamed of the gospel that they covered their tracks with pseudonyms. They were not fearful of what men might do to them or to their families or friends.

The hidden nature of the chookwatchers is a shame to them. Criticising Christians from the luxury of secrecy is an act of timidity and fear of exposure.

Vain attempt at plausibility

The chookwatcher who calls herself ‘Team Chookwatcher’ must know this and vainly attempts to show herself as a separate entity to the others.

Sadly, she fails, because there is no honour to sniping from a hidden bunker where there is no authenticity to a single comment made by secret critics.

Calling themselves a ‘team’ doesn’t cover their obscurity as polemists.

It’s time that someone with a hint of credibility in the chookwatcher entity rebelled against this preposterous strategy and signed off their comments using their own name.

Otherwise, there is no Biblical credibility to anything any of them says.