chooklookThese days the chookwatcher entity exists on or close to the lunatic fringe with its continual bad mouthing of Hillsong, C3 and any group or individual associated with them.

This has been going on for some years now, of course, and a long series of exhaustively negative articles demonstrates the obsessive nature of the writers, who seem to rely on tweets, book covers and the odd newspaper clipping for their material, as well as quoting atheists, antichristian current affairs TV, and secular media outlets.

Chookwatcher women not being silent

One example of their inept methodology is the huge influence of a small handful of women chookwatcher posters who condemn other women for being in ministry.

One is an actual female included in the anonymous chookwatcher moderator entity, and the other goes by the moniker of thinker. They are similar in their outlook, and very influential (to fellow chooks) as religiously devout and fervent Reformed theology adherents.

The crux of some of their argument lately is that they are staunchly opposed to women speaking in church, or teaching, or preaching, and scathing of any woman mentioned in chookwatcher articles or Irate Christian Radio posts which are used in chookwatcher articles.

I don’t think they, as women, actually get the irony of their attacks on other women.

Apart from this, they are, after all, also teaching and preaching, not to mention correcting, admonishing and rebuking, through the medium of blogging, an audience that includes men, some of whom applaud them, and others who oppose what chookwatcher stands for, but who cop a serve from these women who profess to hold to the concept of women being silent in church.

Maybe for them the church is a brick and mortar building and not the Body of Christ.


Then there is the sheer lunacy of some of the writing in chookwatcher authored posts.

Attempting to drive a rather blunt stake through the heart of Hillsong worship, chookwatcher makes some obviously contrived statements that destroy his own arguments – unless you happen to be one of the growing number of commenters that actually believe for dear life itself what chookwatcher writes.

Here’s a sample of the overkill chookwatcher is prone to producing…

‘Unlike Hillsong, Christians do not have a pope, do not worship Allah, do not worship the devil, do not worship an anti-trinitarian god, do not worship an idol that promises to make us rich – all in the context of worship. Jesus was right to quote Isaiah, people caught up in Hillsong worship God with their lips, but their hearts are far from God. If they were true worshipers, they would worship God in Spirit and truth – not selfishness and deception.’

So here is chookwatcher, who, to get the context of this article, had earlier said, referring to a couple of ministers who made positive comments on Hillsong worship…

‘The glaring fault was they offered their opinions. Not facts. Not research. Not even the word of God. Just subjective opinions based on their own standards.’

‘…we use the words of Christ to prove why Hillsong music is inappropriate for Christians to sing in their churches.’

So chookwatcher criticises ministers for giving an opinion, then backs his argument up with an opinion, devoid of facts, even though he claims to have the Word of God to prove there is something wrong with Hillsong worship.

I beg yours?

For instance, chookwatcher claims Hillsong have a pope. Huh? Well, we know that is purely opinion driven by a lack of respect. Hillsong has a senior minister. Everyone on the planet except chookwatcher knows they do not have a pope. Any scripture for this, chookwatcher? Nope. Just speculation.

They made this up to be mischievous, playing to their audience, but it is, therefore, opinion, n’est pas? Not facts, not research, not Bible.

Maybe someone at Hillsong once jokingly called the boss the pope, I don’t know, it’s not unusual, but that is quite obviously tongue in cheek, unless you have a completely biased, devious, or contentious mind.

Chookwatcher claims Hillsong worships Allah. Can you believe he would actually put that in print? He knows, of course they do not. He has swallowed his own false narrative.

He made up a series of articles which falsely claimed this very untruth and actually believed his own press. He has delved into opinion – his own – and come up with a furphy. Any scripture for this, chookwatcher? You know there isn’t. Opinion, then. No facts, no Bible.

Chookwatcher claims Hillsong worships the devil. What? So the devil’s name is Jesus, now, is it? Or Heavenly Father? Or Lord? Or God? Or Holy Spirit? These are the names that constantly come up in Hillsong worship and praise songs.

See how chookwatcher actually blasphemes God with his foolish opinion and misleading claims. Speculative opinion at best. That thing he claims he never does – to never give opinion without facts, research or the Word of God – he does, and all in one short paragraph.

Any scripture, chookwatcher?… you know the drill, none at all.

Chookwatcher claims Hillsong worship an anti-trinitarian god. I beg your pardon? Not according to their statement of beliefs, which declares…

‘We believe in one eternal God who is the Creator of all things. He exists in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He is totally loving and completely holy.’

Well, that scotches chookwatcher’s false premise. Blows it to pieces, actually, because this is confirmed in their worship material.

Chookwatcher claims that Hillsong worships an idol that promises to make us rich. Well, no, they don’t. Their worship music, which is the subject of the article, focuses on the Godhead and our relationship with Him, pointing to Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

Chookwatcher claims that Jesus said, ‘people caught up in Hillsong worship God with their lips, but their hearts are far from God.’ You know He didn’t. I know He didn’t. Everyone knows He didn’t.

Everyone except chookwatcher, it seems. Jesus never mentioned Hillsong. Chookwatcher made that up. Or maybe that’s just chookwatcher’s opinion again.

As for the false claim that Hillsong Christians do not worship with their full heart, but with their lips only, well this is just an sad, unworthy comment from the mind of someone who seems to be a lonely individual who tragically hasn’t been able to commit to a local church home where he can grow, serve, and can be in fellowship with the saints as well as appreciating the pastoral leadership entrusted in an Overseer by God.

There is much more that could be said about these very strange, very obsessive and unbelievably self-interested chookwatcher folk.

Someone needs to be quiet

So just a couple of the many inconsistencies and unbelievably poorly contrived dealings of the increasingly narrow world of the chookwatcher clan, and I don’t mean it in the narrow way of Christ way, either, but the narrow-mindedness of blinkered skeptics who cannot see the wood for the trees.

To the average reader at these sites the anonymity of the writers means we cannot know who is who, so most would not know that there are women writers in their ranks who criticise Christian women for daring to prophesy, preach, teach or enter ministry.

Personally, I think women should have a complementary voice in the Church, but, given the anti-women-in-ministry doctrinal stance of the chookwatcher sites, I don’t understand why the menfolk at the chookwatcher blogs aren’t telling the women commenters to be quiet, and stopping them from usurping male authority, since that is their doctrinal standard and belief, but why would they begin the judgment at their own house when there are so many other houses to judge?

There must be a full moon rising.