Following on from J D Hall’s squeals about Dr Michael Brown rejecting his offer of a debate over continuism vs cessationism, Hall puts up a post that falsely accuses Dr Brown of writing things he did not.

Here’s Dr Brown’s response to J D Hall’s request for a debate…

‘Cessationist colleagues have encouraged me not to debate J. D. Hall, as they feel he has written and said some dangerous things. But for years now, I’m on record as saying I will gladly debate any qualified cessationist about the gifts of the Spirit being for today. With joy! (Just within this article, he completely misrepresents me on different points, so when someone publicly bears false witness against me, despite being privately corrected, I will certainly not debate them.) Let’s pray for J. D.!’

How does J D Hall respond? He writes an article titled ‘Too dangerous to Debate’, which is a complete fabrication of what Dr Brown actually says, and is actual proof of Hall’s reckless and insincere behaviour towards him.

The reality

First, it was cessationist friends who advised Dr Brown not to debate Hall. They considered that he had written and said some dangerous things. This doesn’t make him ‘too dangerous’ to debate. It makes his writings, in their view, dangerous to hearers.

Dr Brown didn’t say this was the reason he would not debate Hall. He said that he would debate any ‘qualified cessationist about the gifts of the Spirit being for today’ any time, and with joy.

The reason he gave for rejecting Hall’s offer was his refusal to correct false claims against Dr Brown even after private conversations. We can’t know the gist of the private conversation, but, evidently, Hall continued uttering the falsehoods that Dr Brown objected to, and thus disqualified himself from Dr Brown’s attentions as a debate option.

Hall’s subtle twisting of what Dr Brown says, even though he actually posted Dr Brown’s exact Facebook words, shows the kind of debate tactics and follow-up Dr Brown could expect.

In short, J D Hall has been sprung!