Chookwatcher has another alias on his Facebook site – Fergusson MacRay.

You see, to run a Facebook site you have to be a person. You can’t be an entity. You can have pages, but to have a page you need a name – a real name.

To get around this chookwatcher made up a name – Fergusson MacRay.

Anyway, here’s an astonishingly vain claim from Fergusson as he celebrates Reformation Day.

This year, in calling Christ’s Church to reform back to the Word of God- we’ve seen some great things happen for the glory of God. We are seeing false teachers, run, lie and cower from God, His Word and the Truth.’

Oh really? Fergusson has false teachers on the run? That’s a big boast. How did he achieve this?

‘Such men that are publicly shaming themselves are Bill Johnson of Bethel (who attempted to distance himself from the NAR)…’

Pardon? Is chookwatcher, aka Fergusson, saying that they have caused Bill Johnson to distance himself from NAR? I don’t think so. He was never part of NAR. The NAR chookwatcher is talking about only exists in the blogs of so-called discernment ministries (and non-ministries like chookwatcher).

Johnson actually said he doesn’t know much about NAR. Why would he? It was a name given to a phenomenon that already existed before its author penned the title. Bill Johnson’s church at Bethel was already thriving long before the NAR became a theme for the discernment bloggers to mangle.

‘Michael Brown (who is unhappy with people calling him out of his Apostolic ministry within the NAR)…’

No. Dr Michael Brown has nothing to do with NAR. He is certainly not on the run from chookwatcher. In fact, he pointed out chookwatcher’s lack of authenticity and credibility for being an anonymous discernment critic.


He blocked chookwatcher from his twitter comments feed because chookwatcher was too lily-livered to reveal his name and church affiliation so that Dr Brown could continue the conversation.

Dr Brown set the ground rules for discussion and chookwatcher fell at the first hurdle, and then ran off to his blog to devise a string of disrespectful verbal attacks against Dr Brown.

Dr Brown then penned an article pointing out the error of being an anonymous discernment critic. I don’t think you could call that a retreat. I’d say that chookwatcher was sorely verbally wounded by the strength of character shown by Dr Brown in dealing with his impertinence and cowardice.

Both Dr Brown and Bill Johnson seem to be continuing very well with their respective ministries, have totally disarmed chookwatcher, and are also frustrating polemists like J D Hall who would love a public debate with Dr Brown but is considered too ungainly in his approach to be worth the effort.

Drop the carnality and you will be given a voice, I think, is the charge of the day. It doesn’t really sound as if Dr Brown is on the run or cowering. I think He knows very well who he is in Christ.

Only Chris Rosebrough got through to Dr Brown’s radio program and was actually very respectful – in part, because Dr Brown gave him air-time, was happy to answer his queries, and did so in an intelligent, polite, Biblical manner.

Dr Brown was hardly on the run from Chris, and maintained the tempo of the conversation at an even level.

Dr Brown has requested some change of attitude from all the polemists before he will engage with them. That is what I call being on top of the situation, not running from it.

‘Brian Houston and Carl Lentz…’

And so on and so forth. You get the picture.

Neither Brian nor Carl seem to be the slightest bit fazed by chookwatcher.

In fact, Carl Lentz called out chookwatcher for fabricating falsehoods and advised him to put more effort into his criticism by attempting a higher degree of accuracy and integrity.

Twice Carl wrote to chookwatcher to correct inaccuracies in chookwatcher’s claims, but chookwatcher has never adjusted his errors or apologised, even though he promises on his sites to correct mistakes when they are pointed out.

Obviously, then, none of these people are on the run. Nor are they false teachers. There are others mentioned by Fergusson, but the rest I do not know.

I think it would have to be said that it is chookwatcher, aka Fergusson MacRay, who is cowering from… well, everyone, really.

Why do I say this? Because chookwatcher, or Fergusson as he likes to be known on Facebook, is still anonymous. He is still hiding behind the facade of masked secrecy and fearful of revealing his own personal identity.

He has been called out and blocked from commentary on Dr Brown’s twitter feed because he lacks authenticity whilst he remains anonymous. The door is shut and he is removed to the outer void.

Faceless, nameless pseudonyms have no credibility as Biblical critics.

The reality is that he has been on the run since day one.