Christian radio host and author, Dr Michael Brown, dismissed an attempt by chookwatcher to derail his twitter stream by telling him he would not be continuing any conversation with the anonymous chook until he had given his name and church affiliation.

You would have to consider this a fair request. After all, chookwatcher is being hyper-critical of Christian ministries that don’t share his anti-charismatic views, therefore he needs to be up front with who he is and demonstrate that he is a bona fide Christian by clarifying that he does at least attend a local church assembly.

Of course, it is dubious that chookwatcher is in regular attendance at any local church. He has a history of writing negative blog reports of churches he has attended in the past. It’s not a good look for someone who aspires to being an authenticated critic of elders who are in senior ministry in recognised movements and churches.

Sad chook

But the snub has been too great a burden to bear for chookwatcher. He has now posted at least seven articles slamming Dr Brown, even though nothing chookwatcher writes about Dr Brown has any credence, and his posts hinge on his own biased opinions and assumptions.

Many of the things he repeats in these posts have been categorically rejected by Dr Brown, and are, especially to the neutral observer, ridiculously baseless, yet chookwatcher tends to believe his own hype and is sticking to his false narrative.

The latest diatribe concentrates on chookwatcher’s favourite ploy of attempting to apply guilt by association as he attacks Dr Brown for saying he was reminded in the Word that we should walk in love with one another and not allow ourselves to be caught up in unedifying bickering.

‘While meditating on some verses in John’s Gospel today, I was struck with a devastating thought. The new commandment Jesus gave us was to love one another as He loved us, and He also said that the world would know that we were His disciples by the love we have for each other. But then look at how we attack and demean and insult and even demonize one another on social media — all before the eyes of the onlooking world. What a mockery we make of the gospel, and what grief we bring to the Lord’s heart. Let us humble ourselves before Him in repentance, and let us ask Him for a fresh baptism of love, both for Him and His family. Can we do better in 2017? We must!’


Chookwatcher, citing this post, but disregarding its sound admonition, insists that Dr Brown should ignore his own advice by imitating chookwatcher’s hypercritical attitude, railing about all things that do not comply with the chookwatcher worldview, and squabbling with people he disagrees with Biblically, rather than building bridges with them to draw them to the truth, or engaging in mature dialogue.

Chookwatcher even hints in his flawed criticism that talking to charismatics is tantamount to hating God, but these are just resentful words from chookwatcher, who was called out by Dr Brown and has obviously taken his words about anonymous bloggers to heart.

‘I’ve noticed that many ‘discernment’ ministries hide behind a cloak of anonymity. Tell us who you are and what your home church affiliation is.’

That is such a simple yet world shattering request for chookwatcher that it has sent him into a complete tailspin. He is utterly confounded by Dr Brown’s call for proof of identity and authenticity. So much so that he has thrown a tantrum that currently spans seven articles.

Dr Brown, by simply being honest, has stumped the chookpen. As Donald Trump would say, “It’s a beautiful thing!”

Dr Brown isn’t saying that chookwatcher can’t comment or discuss issues, but he is laying down the standard for commentary by reminding chookwatcher that he has to do so under his own name and demonstrate his credibility by giving his church affiliation.

It is very obvious to anyone who has followed Dr Brown’s work and Christian enterprise that he is without doubt a believer in the Biblical sense of the word, and well able to deflect the malice thrown his way by secretive bloggers like chookwatcher, who remains frustrated that he has once again been so soundly thwarted, like his buddy J D Hall, by a more considered man.

Futile quest

Chookwatcher will persist with this pointless attack on Dr Brown because he doesn’t know when to let go of a futile battle plan, even though he is punching the air and the target is long gone, and when he has already been put in his place by a wiser man. He should have let go when Dr Brown wrote his article on why anonymous critics have no credibility in the Body.

As chookwatcher himself points out, the Word tells us how to treat someone like chookwatcher when they are merely trying to win a battle they have already lost by thrashing at the wind with vacuous words.

2 Thessalonians 3:14-15 If anyone does not obey our word in this epistle, note that person and do not keep company with him, that he may be ashamed. Yet do not count him as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.

Which is exactly what Dr Brown has been saying and doing all along.