Having had a difficult time controlling the chookwatcher Internal Critics Society, the chookwatchers appear to have decided to ban themselves from commenting on their own sites.

So many commenters have been moderated or banned from commenting that the chookwatchers are running out of people to censure, apparently, so they’ve had to look to themselves.

A few days ago the chookwatchers forced themselves to give a begrudging apology for being characteristically rude to Hillsong-supportive commenters, after one chookwatcher was rebuked by another for ‘fowl’ play.

Now the comments section on subsequent posts have been switched off.

It seems the chookwatchers no longer trust themselves to treat dissenters with level-headed polite consideration even when Hillsong-positive commenters are cordial and courteous.

The chookwatcher sites presently consist of risk-free anonymous claims about other Christians, the main risk prior to this decision having been from chookwatcher himself.

It seems he was unable to remain disciplined, mature, or wise enough to resist being horrible to commenters who said nice things about Hillsong and C3.


Meanwhile, chookwatcher continues his regime of largely made up patchwork stories, many of which put two or more unrelated issues together with supposition, innuendo and opinion, to form what is ostensibly a fake news item tinged with a slight element of truth and a couple of unconnected scriptures to make it look authentic.

It’s amazing how many of their articles are based around a hotchpotch of unproven false assumptions previously presented in their potpourri of hastily sewn together articles, that the chookwatchers subsequently consider to be real, such as the contrived NAR conspiracy theory they now attach to any and every ministry, movement or minister they take issue with.

The astonishing thing is that there are other so-called discernment blogs that reiterate many of the chookwatcher theories, including Irate Crustacean Rodeo, and Plopit & Pun, who apparently tend not to check their facts before presenting chookwatcher conjecture as alleged fact.

So now chookwatcher has joined his cessationist friends at Plopit & Pun and Irate Crustacean Rodeo who make extravagant claims about Christian ministries but leave no space on their sites for comments from people who take exception to their suppositions and opinion.

In other words, there are no comments on any of these sites – only unchallenged criticism, and in the case of chookwatcher, anonymous unchallenged criticism.

Curious. I can’t find any scripture for that.