Everything is not what it was down at the chookpen.

Now that all comments are switched off at the various chookwatcher sites, there is no need for the many moderators previously deployed under the pseudonym chookwatcher to check comments.

He can now have the nom-de-plume all to himself.

Chookwatcher’s world is shrinking.

Although he no longer needs others, he has called himself a group. Yes, he now calls himself ‘Concerned Christians’, as if there are a number of people who relate to his causes.

In fact, the ‘Concerned Christians’ are the one and only Fergusson MacRay, which is another pseudonym used by chookwatcher, who is now flying, or rather, flapping solo.

Although Fergusson MacRay blocks out his name when pasting screen grabs of his various challenging comments on popular ministers’ Facebook pages, it is his name that is to be found alongside the comments when you check out their Facebook pages.

To add to the unwitting confirmation of his connection with so-called ‘Concerned Christians’, he includes a reference to another anonymously editted site he runs.

There is, indeed, a very long list of such screen grabs on a recent article where he is attempting to accuse ministers who relate to the Elijah List of ignoring his attempts to get them to rebuke a minister he is targetting on this other anonymously authored site.


He is, for once, right, of course. They are shunning his advances. They have, for the most part, completely ignored his attempts to diminish the ministry of an Australian prophetess who has contributed to the prophetic site.

Why would they ignore such an important pseudonym as Fergusson MacRay? Or ‘Concerned Christians’?

Could it be because MacRay is bringing up a subject on the various threads that is completely out of context with the authors’ posts?

Is it because they have hundreds or thousands of commenters and don’t actually have time to read every comment?

Is it because no one has a clue what he is on about, given that most of the posts addressing a predominantly US audience are linked to prayer for the recent US election?

Is it because no one is interested in his petty gamesmanship?

Or have they worked out that any response will be rewarded with another anonymously produced article that paints them in a bad light?

Interestingly, in the process, MacRay has conveniently confirmed that he is also the author of the weldingoutwalls blog, which we knew, but he has pretty well stated that he is, at once, chookwatcher, Fergusson MacRay, ‘Concerned Christians’, and the Gardener of the weldingoutwalls blog.

And he is doing it all as if, by having multiple identities, he might be seen as a crowd.

Shrinking indeed.