In Christian leadership, we have this principle whereby anyone bringing a complaint or accusation against another believer or person should give their names, evidence, and sources.

On occasion, participants in a ministry will come to one of the leaders and make a claim that someone on the team is doing something that is out of order.

There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as it is done decently and in order, and, most of all, Biblically.

Witnesses and evidence

Sometimes, a person will come and say that there is a group of people with a certain complaint or a point of view that needs to be aired.

The general response to this is for names to be named and evidence to be produced, especially if the accusation is against an elder. This is totally Biblical.

There have been times when the person has said they are not willing to produce the identities of person’s bringing the complaint. This somewhat delegitimises the issue, because who knows how many people are involved, or if their report is accurate?

It is generally acceptable, also, to ask how many people are bringing a complaint. There have been times when people have implied a number of people when, in fact, it is that person and maybe one or two others who have formed an unofficial committee of complaint.

Even when there is a legitimate case, witnesses should be produced and evidence supplied.

1 Timothy 5:19 Do not receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses.

With this in mind, we should ask who the so-called ‘Concerned Christians’ are that emanate from the chookwatcher sites.

We know that Fergusson MacRay, an alias of chookwatcher, is the chief and possibly sole representative of this supposed group.

He has been on a crusade for a long time now against a certain minister connected with the Elijah List, having composed several articles linked to her.

He has also been in touch with a large number of the contingent (all I think) at Elijah List’s website, using their various Facebook pages as contact points.

Who are the ‘Concerned Christians’?

Fergusson MacRay has listed himself in the plural as ‘Concerned Christians’. But who are these ‘Concerned Christians’?

It is a very abstract name. Anyone could call himself or herself a concerned Christian. I am a concerned Christian, but not with the same things as chookwatcher, or Fergusson MacRay, obviously.

How many ‘Concerned Christians’ make up this body MacRay is claiming? One, two, three?

Do they meet on a regular basis to discuss the issues they are concerned about? Are they structured into a committee, with minutes of meetings? Do they have regular behind the scenes discourse on matters of concern to them that MacRay then articulates?

Or is Fergusson MacRay assuming charge of a mythological group of people he perceives to be in agreement with his modus operandi?

Further, how do we know they are actually Christians? And what kind of Christians? JWs call themselves Christians.

Most importantly, why should any leader take any notice of a person or people who hide behind a banner, false name, or pseudonym? There is no ethical, Biblical, or practical precedent for this.

Once again, chookwatcher’s anonymity excludes him from viability as a critic. Calling himself Fergusson MacRay is simply another subterfuge.

He should either provide a list of names of participants in the so-called ‘Concerned Christians’ group, or stop using this misleading identity as a means of sowing discord in the Body.