Some polemists weaken their own weapons to hide their identities. Denying themselves, they strip their own names from their convictions and sideline their credibility. 

How? They make themselves anonymous under the guise of pseudonyms in the majority of their latest articles.

First churchwatcher, who has always been anonymous, cut out all comments from his sites, losing any momentum or weight he may have had for his claims, and now some of the Pulpit&Pen polemists have ceased taking personal ownership of their articles.

Some in-house writers now call themselves ‘News Division’, in what is largely their own opinion, not actual news.

News is when something significant takes place and someone reports the details. It is defined as ‘newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events’.

Opinion is when a person provides their own take on a situation regardless of all the facts. It is defined as ‘a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge’.

News should be evidence based. Opinion requires none.

Pulpit&Pens’ writers should call themselves ‘Opinion Division’. It would be more accurate to the truth.

By removing their identities, the polemists relinquish responsibility for their claims and opinions. I so doing they diminish their effectiveness and render their claims null and void, joining the nameless, faceless critics.

By naming their targets whilst remaining in hiding behind a generic term they reveal their hypocricy.

Nothing to see there.