The churchwatchcentral writers seem to be going bonkers in their attempts at proving a narrative they made up that doesn’t actually fit reality.

One of their latest offerings is ‘Senior Hillsong Pastor acknowledges Brian & Bobbie Houston’s NAR Apostleship’, in which the pastor, Jules A’Bell, acknowledges Brian Houston’s obvious apostleship but doesn’t in any way refer to the New Apostolic Reformation [NAR].

Of course, churchwatchcentral has been convinced by its cessationist buddies such as Pulpit & Pen and Pirate Christian Radio that apostles ended sometime undefined, for which they have no scripture, even though they claim to adhere to Sola Scriptura.


This episode merely demonstrates that churchwatchcentral is desperate to clutch at any straw to draw some kind of substance that can back up their well exploded theory that every man and his dog that doesn’t hold to cessationist teaching must be part of their imaginary NAR. Obviously, they’ve once again been shown to be either barking up the wrong tree, or simply barking.

Here’s how they construct their baseless narrative:

While it is true that Hillsong try to hide their New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), dominionist agenda from the public eye, occasionally they slip up. Here is another example of a Hillsong Senior pastor, Jules A’Bell, wanting Hillsong members to regard Brian and Bobbie Houston as (NAR) Apostles of their movement.

This is a classic straw man, of course. There is neither any evidence that Hillsong is  of the NAR, nor that they are attempting to hide that they are of the NAR, nor that they have a secret agenda to be of the NAR but hide it away so that they fool everyone into becoming unwittingly part of the NAR.

Churchwatchcentral made all of this up. They live in make-believe land, also known as la-la-land.

Conspiracy theory

What they have written here is generally termed a conspiracy theory, and of loony-toons proportions. As has been raised on this site previously, if these movements are genuinely of the NAR there would be no reason at all for hiding the fact. Only a desperate conspiracist would attempt the kind of logic demonstrated by churchwatchcentral in this ridiculous article.

They go on:

Brian Houston is fully aware of his involvement in the New Apostolic Reformation and tries to downplay his NAR Apostleship (see archives). His language slip ups are proof of his agenda pushing the NAR cult across the globe as are blatant examples exhibited by his other Hillsong leaders such as Terry Crist.

Fully aware? I don’t think Brian Houston has to give one second’s thought in his average day to what churchwatchcentral call the NAR. He has nothing to do with the NAR. Why on earth would he be pushing the NAR? He is building the movement he oversees and it is called Hillsong. Only the most obsessional NAR pusher would even imagine that Houston pays any attention to these absurd claims.

The narrative churchwatchcentral have been attempting to throw out into a mostly uninterested Christian world is pitted with blistering flaws that only the most hardened cessationists or unlearned seeker would gloss over.


First of all, there is nothing amiss with the concept of the NAR. It is an observation of a phenomenon whereby a number of movements have experienced exponential growth with the common factors of following Biblical teaching on continuationist theology, including the continued ascension gifts of Christ – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers; the continued manifestations of the Spirit as testified by the Apostle Paul; and the promise of the baptism with the Spirit as prophesied in the Old Testament and ratified by Christ Himself.

What the cessationists struggle with is the mounting evidence that apostles like Brian Houston are indeed being used by God to birth and develop movements within the Body of Christ, and that the churches and ministries being planted by these movements are thriving under the leadership of the Spirit of Christ.

Only the cessationist polemicists championed by bloggers such as churchwatchcentral are jumping up and down in exasperation at the continued effectiveness of the movements they have sought to decry for over a decade with no apparent effect whatsoever.

The only ones hiding are the chooks from churchwatchcentral, who remain anonymous despite the reams of antichristian propaganda spewed out from their various sites.

In fact, it is pretty rich of them to accuse someone of hiding something they made up when it is they who have been hidden for so long.