In an incredibly straw-man laden article entitled ‘Does This String of Incredible Coincidences Connect Dr Michael Brown to the NAR?’, Steve Kozar of Pirate Christian Media once again demonstrates how desperate the polemicists have become to prove that their invented version of the NAR exists, and that Dr Brown is one of churchwatchcentral’s fabricated NAR Apostles.

His very, very long post actually demonstrates what I have been saying all along – that these polemicists are willing to associate anyone and anything charismatic or Pentecostal with their version of the NAR.

As I’ve said before, there is a real New Apostolic Reformation, but it is not an organisation, nor does it have a leader. It is a phenomenon that was documented by C Peter Wagner. He did not start it. He did not author it. He did not lead it. He observed it and wrote about it.

The phenomenon consists of those charismatic movements that have seen explosive growth since the 1970s, especially in missions, and who believe that there are still apostles and prophets today, and that the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit remain current.

Fake NARs

The Fake NAR is a derivation of Wagner’s observation that claims that there is an organisation, with a leader, the NAR Apostle, and that it has a sinister dominionist worldview that utilises the gifts of the Spirit and apostolic means to infiltrate churches.

These apostles teach that God still heals, delivers and performs miracles as in the days of the New Testament. Speaking in tongues is still a part of the NAR theology. To cessationists this concept is anathema. There is no healing, no speaking in tongues, no deliverance, and no miracle-works taking place through the Church today, or so they say.

It’s not backed up in scripture of course, which is ironic because they claim the sufficiency of scripture, yet deny its efficacy in the case of spiritual gifts.

Kozar is amongst a number of cessationists who oppose anything to do with continuation of apostles, prophets, the gifts of the Spirit, or speaking in tongues. They say that healing and deliverance through the Body of Christ in His name have ended.

Now, in their conspiratorial world, any ministry that holds that the words of the New Testament still hold true in the light of these issues must be part of the NAR of the cessationists’ construction – the Fake NAR.

Kozar’s extremely wordy document does what churchwatchcentral has done for years – lists a number of ministries that Dr Brown knows and has befriended and asserts that, therefore, he must be of the Fake NAR because churchwatchcentral says those other ministries are of the Fake NAR.

Eating omelettes doesn’t make Kozar an egg

Like many people, I know and have friends amongst many different denominations, from Baptist to Catholic, to Anglican, to Pentecostal, to Independent Charismatic, to Presbyterian, to Greek Orthodox, to Methodist, to Uniting Church, to Salvation Army, any number of friends in ministry who are part of a different denomination to mine.

Does this make me a Baptist, or a Catholic, or an Anglican, or a Methodist, or any of the others because I know these people and meet with them on occasion, even pray with some of them? Of course not.

Any more than Steve Kozar is a hairdresser because he visits his hairdresser on a regular basis. Or a shop assistant because he goes shopping sometimes.

The reality is that these polemicists have contrived a Fake NAR and have made their own lists of ministries that they believe belong to their Fake NAR, and the polemicists have convinced themselves that their version is the right version and that their list is accurate.

The reason ministers are rejecting their notion is that they recognise the inaccuracy of the polemicists’ claims. The blog critics have created a digital labyrinth in which to get lost, serviced by their own fertile imaginations, and from where to send out hyperlinked signal-flares from time to time to attract the attention of passers-by to lure them into their confusing maze of contrived claims and counterclaims.

That the polemicists have completely swallowed, adopted and adapted churchwatchcentral’s unwieldy version of the NAR is not testament to their self-proclaimed ability to discern error.

Then, as if to compound his gullibility and complicity, Kozar provides the ultimate proof of what I am saying by ending his article by pointing to the source of his information, which is… you guessed it… the churchwatchcentral blog site.