You have to wonder why, after all this time, churchwatchcentral is still trying to ‘prove’ that a whole host of different and often unconnected ministries and movements must, according to their conspiracy theory, be a part of their (fake) version of the NAR.

If they haven’t been able to demonstrate it by now, after around five or so years (not counting the Signposts02 site dating back around ten years, which was, for a time, run by churchwatchcentral’s current founder and administrator, when he started into this theory), then they must surely see that their attempts at a narrative that bites has become utterly toothless.

All gummy suck and goo.

Wow! I was telling churchwatcher the truth about C Peter Wagner and the New Apostolic Reformation way back in 2010 at that other site, and maybe even before that. Eight years or more, and he still doesn’t get it. None so blind…

Too many debatable attempts at proof often demonstrate no true evidence.

The whole process is comparable to the anti-Trump Russia collusion debacle that won’t go away until after the US mid-term elections have been completed. Same deal. Same narrative bending.

Yet churchwatchcentral add weekly to the tally of baseless articles that restate that some new or familiar so-and-so ‘must’ be part of NAR because of some spurious connection to some remote association to a vague coincidence.

Someone should tell them that most sensible people stopped taking serious notice long ago.

We all moved on.