There they go – galloping off into the distance, chasing imaginary geese helter-skelter down through the ditches of delusion as they go after their quarry with gay abandon – their prey being, in their minds at least, on this occasion, Dr Michael Brown and anyone associated with their version of the NAR, even though Dr Brown is long gone in another direction far, far away from the hunting pack, who, unbeknownst them, are chasing shadows and feathers cast in the wind.

So many so-called discernment ministries heading into the mire of mindless controversy, conspiracy theory and false narratives.

Now Chris Rosebrough is excitedly producing a series based on a discussion we mentioned between Holly Pivec, Doug Geivette, and Dr Brown in which, the polemicists claim, Dr Brown was apparently decimated discussion-wise by his nemesis and her companion. In fact, Dr Brown merely stated his case and showed why he has reservations with the case presented by the polemicists. Rosebrough will even make it into a series until he feels he is done with it. But why, one has to ask?

Big deal

The purpose? To demonstrate that Dr Brown is part of the NAR. To what end? Who knows? The NAR they are discussing has nothing to do with the New Apostolic Reformation documented by C Peter Wagner, who went to be with the Lord well over a year ago.

What will they achieve? Nothing much, except to appease their own fan base who are already convinced by the polemicists that the NAR of their contrivance actually exists and any and all charismatic, Pentecostal and contemporary church or movement sits under the umbrella of this particular NAR, only, they don’t, and it is, indeed, a fake.

The thing about cessationists and Reformed theology buffs, and, it seems self-appointed discernment ministries like those who are so adamant about the perceived threat of the NAR, is that they need a focal point for their controversies. They need an ‘ism’ or a schism to drive their pessimism, cessationism, and negativism.

One of the things you will notice, for instance, about the polemicists is the lists of ‘isms’ they come up with when opposing Christian ministries. They need to compartmentalise everything to make it a focal point for their ire.

The NAR Box

There are so many diverse movements that follow the New Testament model of the Church, presented in the Word, what the polemicists call Sola Scriptura, including the full ascension gift ministries sent by Christ – the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the paster and the teacher.

And, to give a further point of reference for polemicists to box, these movements still use the full gospel teaching on the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit. Along with this, as they step out into these gifts from Christ, ministries, movements and churches have demonstrated the important benefit of growing, and, more recently, growing exponentially, just like in the Book of Acts. Praise God, we should say.

But the polemicists have an aversion to continuationism, and can’t believe that this growth can be from anywhere but the dark side. So they needed a compartment in which to place them to define their modus operandi and begin to peel away at the kinds of things the polemicists like to deconstruct in their daily essays and blogfests.

The NAR neatly boxes in the whole lot in one compartment, so they can simply fill every ministry, movement and minister into this cabinet and feel that they have a handle on it.

Push back

The problem they have experienced with their version of the NAR is that some of the ministers, like Michael Brown, have pushed back and told them that, number one, the version they are promoting doesn’t exist, and, number two, they have never been part of the fake NAR anyway.

Having been easily and profoundly rebuffed for their presumption, the polemicists, rather than repent of their error and move on, have dug deeper into their theory, basing new suppositions on the massive fake narrative they have been developing for the last ten years, caking it in as much grime as they can carry to smear any and all ministries that refuse to share their cessationist theology.

The whole issue is based on cessationism versus continuationism, both of which words, by the way, were contrived by the cessationist polemicists to, yes you’ve guessed it, box these ideas away neatly in a compartment.

Chasing shadows

So here’s Chris, chasing the goose, the shadow goose in this case, across the blogoscape, chasing his tale in fact, the tale that he helped develop with the rest of polemicist crowd in the chase, haring along in pursuit of a completely futile notion that, somehow, the real New Apostolic Reformation (which is the phenomenon Wagner observed, that is currently growing, thriving and pushing back darkness on the basis of the Word and Spirit, and seeing tens of thousands of people saved weekly, lost souls delivered form the clutches of the enemy of Christ) – that the real Apostolic Reformation is some kind of threat to civilisation, when the reality is that it has been part of God’s plan for today and that the polemicists are, in fact, kicking against the goads as they hurtle headlong into a pointless pursuit.

Well, what can we do? They’ve been told. They’ve been answered by people like Dr Brown, who is doing his best to hold his ground, and even work with them to give an explanation of his position, even though they seek to attempt to disprove him, for goodness knows what reason. To prove themselves superior in thought and knowledge? To be right always about everything? Some kind of omniscient polemics crew who never fail in taught or deed? To never have to say sorry for being wrong about something?

The only thing we can do is let them run off into the sunset after their shadowy wild goose. Dr Brown is secure in his calling and faith, not perturbed, not moved, out in the open doing what he’s called to do.

Nothing the polemicists say on this subject makes any sense to anyone but themselves. They have successfully made their cause pointless. They are hugely successful in their chase ofter their own shadow – the circle riders of the wild goose chase.

There they go – off into the distance…

Farewell, shadow chasers. Run like the wind! Don’t get lost now…