It’s unbelievable that, despite claiming to be discerning, the churchwatchcentral pseudonyms have failed utterly to spot a raging pagan occult festival right on their doorstep in Tasmania, Australia.

The Dark Mofo Australian Winter festival is, this year at least, an anti-christ extravaganza emblazoned across that State so brazenly that it’s hard to understand why the so-called ‘watchers’ have failed to pick it up and say a dicky-bird about it.

The very symbolism of illuminated inverted red crosses over the city, as they celebrate the Winter Solstice, as all pagans do, should have sparked some kind of reaction from the otherwise obsessively self-righteous churchwatcher that ought to have inspired the hapless one into a typically indignant article, but, no, nothing, not a word from the self-proclaimed revealer of all things cultic. No link to Hillsong, evidently.

This time around the festival looks terribly like a tremendous slight by certain influential citizens of Hobart against the soft target of Christianity, with a number of blasphemies on open display. What else do you expect from this present world age, which was once at least respectful of another person’s faith, but some citizens have decided that the gloves are now off during the deluge of the dark mass.

One wonders whether they’ll dare, another time, to similarly mock other faiths less inclined to turn the other cheek. From a Christian perspective it’s apparent that the nature worshiping pagans do still acknowledge that we have a level of trust and belief in God that the scoffers can only mock and, in so doing, authenticate.

Churchwatchcentral, meanwhile, continues its limp attacks on genuine Christians, whilst totally ignoring the real sorcery taking place right under their noses in their own nation, almost as if they, too, are, in their ignorance and silence, scoffing against Christians, albeit under the guise of discerners.

I’ll leave you with an image from this black arts festival, displayed brashly across the capital city of  Tasmania, and ask you to wonder why the silence from the ‘watchers’.