I never thought I’d say this, but there’s quite a lot to agree with, socially at least, at Pulpit & Pen these days, now that they’ve transformed themselves from an anti-word-faith polemics outfit into a global news opinion outlet.

They still have an attitude towards charismatics that leaves much to be desired, but their foray into the current affairs arena means that there are far fewer accusations levelled at charismatics and more attention paid to important issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia, anti-christian political movements, and other ethical issues that are important to Christians worldwide.

Christianity is under attack, and Pulpit & Pen have long had a large audience to influence with their opinions. They are unashamedly right wing conservatives and very forthright in their commentary. They have now positioned themselves to become spokesmen to politicians in a Biblical way.

There is still an element of anonymity to some of their articles which they should deal with at a senior level at their site, but taking on current issues shows a degree of bravery and commitment, even if the coarseness of delivery remains something of a problem.

The secular world would like to polarise the very powerful Christian vote and gradually diminish their effectiveness. Pulpit & Pen, as it is today, has become a viable voice against anti-Biblical practices and laws.

I still believe their theology is lacking in some areas, and they can be hypercritical towards fellow believers, but their shift into a political commentary site is, for the most part, commendable, and they are in danger of becoming a prophetic voice to the political class.

Now that would be an irony.