There’s a clear demonstration of the level of poor research by churchwatchcentral pseudonyms, as they continue to parade Rev Anthony Wade as a credentialed AOG minister, when he has already stated on his own site that he handed in his credentials years ago.

Here’s how they start numerous articles sourced from his blog…

Reverend Anthony Wade, a credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God…


One supposes that they add this to lend some kind of credibility to their obsessive attacks on their self-created fake NAR.

In an article titled ‘Why I Have Left the Assemblies of God’ from January 2016 Rev Wade writes, concerning his conversion and subsequent involvement with the AOG US…

Within a month I was baptized and within a year I was in classes for ministerial credentials. Five years later I was a minister for the Assemblies and remained such until this month when I resigned those credentials.

Rev A Wade, Why I Have Left the Assemblies of God

So he is not a credentialed minister with the AOG. It’s all there on the same site from which churchwatchcentral source Wade’s material.

Inexcusably poor research work there, chooks. Maybe a correction would suffice, but we won’t hold our breath.