It’s really amusing to read the polemics sites as they trot out farce after farce about their version of the NAR. The latest from churchwatchcentral even makes the claim that the White House in the US has been hijacked by the NAR. And they’re serious about it..

These deeply confused conspiracy theories have sent the theorists so far out into la-la-land that you have to wonder if they’ll ever find their way back into some kind of reality.

According to Pulpit & Pen, the recently passed away evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was a leader in the NAR and, along with this, an apostle. This ridiculous claim is based, in part, on some incredulous theories penned by churchwatchcentral in 2017.

Of course, Reinhard was always considered by himself and the majority of the Christian fraternity to be an evangelist. The polemicists are the only people who claim he is an apostle, and that he is of their fake NAR.

Churchwatchcentral even posted a Facebook quote from their co-conspiratorialists at Famine in the Land, which opened with…

Reinhard Bonnke passed away today, sadly he was caught up in the NAR…

Famine in the Land

No he wasn’t. He was the founder of Christ for all Nations [CfaN], an evangelistic organisation dedicated to winning Africa to the gospel of Christ. Of course, churchwatchcentral then build a ludicrous narrative around this uninformed quote from social media.

If they’d only done their research and checked the CfaN site they’d have seen that he was known as an evangelist, and never as an apostle.

The hijacked President theory

But the most incredulous article so far this week was penned by the churchwatchcentral pseudonyms themselves when they made the astounding suggestion that the White House has been ‘hijacked’ by their imaginary NAR on the basis that some Christians had been invited to look around the place.

Of course, some of the Christian leaders happened to be from Pentecostal and Charismatic ministries, which the polemicists view as the enemy. Any ministry that teaches that the complete work of the Holy Spirit continues today, including the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, the manifestations of the Spirit, healing, miracles, speaking in tongues, prophecy, must be part of the churchwatchcentral NAR [CNAR].

By this reckoning, the early Church Principals and Body must have been precursors to the real New Apostolic Reformation because they not only taught on the continued works of the Holy Spirit, but they lived and breathed them.

Of course the real New Apostolic Reformation was an observation of a phenomenon that was written about by the late C Peter Wagner, an evangelical missionary professor from Fuller Seminary, and the author of several books that examined the ways in which the Church has been developing in the 20th and 21st centuries.

He pointed to the amazing growth of a number of unrelated movements across the globe, including the Underground Church in China, the South American missionary thrust that was producing exponential increase of conversions and church planting, the African explosion in converts, and the dramatic charismatic influence of the 20th century.

Wagner didn’t start or claim to lead the New Apostolic Reformation. He merely gave it an identifiable term, which no one outside of the polemicists is really talking about.

For some time now, if you google New Apostolic Reformation, or NAR you will only find articles on blogs that make spurious claims about their NAR. Even the blah-blah narrative at wikipedia rejects the notion that it has structure, organisation, affiliated members or that it was started by C Peter Wagner.

The rest of the Body of Christ that takes the Word of God at face value and preaches the New Testament as it is handed to the Church is simply getting on with it.

Meanwhile there are actually books being written by the naysayers about the fake NAR, and they have invented an entire movement that only exists in their own imaginations. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so utterly delusional.