The polemicists at Pulpit & Pen and associated critics will be overjoyed at the news that skinny jeans appear to be on the way out in UK as megastore M&S see a share dive as a result of weak sales.

From the Guardian:

Shares in high street stalwart Marks and Spencer plunged almost nine per cent on Thursday after the retailer admitted men shunned its tight-fitting fitting clothing range as well as over-ordering on food in the run-up to Christmas.

Yes, they overstocked on skinny jeans and found that there were no takers.

From Reuters:

Menswear sales suffered because it over-bought skinny and slim styles in its contemporary ranges, under-bought more classic fits, and also had too many small sizes and not enough medium and large ones. 

This will be marvellous news for skinny jeans critics like JD Hall at Polemics Report and Phil Johnson of Grace for You ministries, who have long been appalled by men forcing themselves into the tight fitting apparel.

They are staunch baggy trousers ‘real men’ who wouldn’t be seen dead in leg-hugging outer garments.

Who knows, maybe tent sized leg warmers will become the fashion once more and the gentlemen in question can finally feel that they have become trendy again.

RIP skinny jeans!