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What is a chook?


To help with your reading of articles, here’s a rundown of the meaning of some of the words used to describe the main characters in this saga.

Chooks: an Antipodean slang word for chickens. The chooks at the chookwatcher sites are perfect examples of pen-bound fowls, in that they are earthly, cooped-up, hen-pecking wusses hiding behind fake names to protect their hides from scrutiny under the trumped up guise of protecting family members who are under no threat whatsoever from anyone, nor would be were the chookwatchers honest enough to reveal themselves.

Chookwatchers: the group of chooks that form the moderator ‘team’ (as they call it) who all come under the same pseudonym. At the last count there were eight chooks forming the singularity chookwatcher. This is the most bizarre part of the puzzle because nowhere on any other blog that I have seen has this phenomenon even been contemplated as normal, let alone expedient. It is the most spinelessly ingenious and deceptively secretive scheme of all – hiding their main protagonists under a single nom-de-plume.

Chookhead: another term for the main scribes in the chookwatcher entity, which better describes the one chookhead of eight persons in a single nom-de-plume.

Chookdom: the pen, or coop, containing the chookwatcher collective, where the main chookwatchers and their minions gather. This is a very seriously sombre environment where all participants are required to be earnestly pious in their religious quest to seem upstanding, spiritually unimpeachable and worthy to pronounce righteous judgments upon all who are deemed by them to be unworthy, including every interloper who dares oppose the collective.

Chookosphere: the chookwatcher sites are now, in their own minds, a global enterprise with regional chookwatchers. Yes, they have planted satellite coops that serve the main coopdom from afar. The chookosphere is the cosmos of chooks, including the feathered nether regions where commenters sympathetic to the chookwatcher aims gather around their grain-strewn keyboards and peck away in abject unquestioning agreement and submission to just about everything the chookwatchers say.

Coop: the pen where it all happens down below where the flightless pack pecks at scraps in the dirt and clucks away at every tweet whilst watching current affairs TV and searching the unsaved media for snippets of gossip and innuendo.

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