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Who are the chookwatchers?

is a send-up of the churchwatcher sites, including churchwatchcentral, a spin-off of c3churchwatch and hillsongchurchwatch, contrived by a rigorously anonymous blogger with a religiously obsessive hang-up over successful Pentecostal and charismatic movements, churches and ministries.

Chookwatcher is the main chook at churchwatchcentral. We call him chookwatcher because he operates anonymously.

Whilst we respect his right to remain anonymous, we reject any claim of authenticity or authority that comes from anonymous criticism, especially given the very weak excuses given by chookwatcher for his use of a pseudonym rather than being up front and owning his claims against named Christians.

Hence the theme of the site, and the name ‘chook‘, which is antipodean slang for chicken. To compound the issue, several other anonymous writers and moderators use the same epithet, so they too have individually  and corporately earned the title ‘chook‘. They are chooks who watch – chookwatchers.

Same old same old

After a time of working against his local church from the inside, Chookwatcher began a journey into blogging against the same church, initially, beginning with a stint at Signposts02, then putting together his current crop of blogs that have branched out into sowing discord against a great many churches, ministers and movements, which basically reiterate the line of polemics engaged in at Signposts02, regurgitating many of the sentiments and stories ad nausium.

Following a couple of years as administrator at the now dormant Signposts02 site, chookwatcher left the blog in a hurry after being outed by a C3 staffer he messed with in a Signposts02 post by attempting to name and shame him, who decided to famously return the favour during the exchange by publicly naming him.

Realising the gravity of the situation after all the negative things he had written about good people, the blogger first of all denied he was who he was, even though he was who he was, and, after a very strange and revealing silence, scarpered from the blog with his blogging tail between his legs.

After attempting a couple of blogging projects, he stumbled upon the idea of creating c3churchwatch, again farcically pretending he isn’t who he really is, even though he is known by those who know.

Piggy-backing Hillsong’s fame

Following this, he introduced hillsongchookwatch, and a couple of other chookwatch sites, culminating in the chookwatchcentral site, five altogether, which, some might surmise, may indicate a somewhat obsessive nature.

However, he managed to hit the blogging jackpot. If you have ‘Hillsong’ in your web name there will be traffic because Hillsong is so popular, even if the traffic is arriving at an unintended destination.

Using ‘Hillsong’ in his hillsongchookwatch site name and tickling the ears of opponents of Hillsong propelled his pseudomym into the fame he has always craved as a critic.

By using the names of well known ministries and ministers in tags, and riding on the shirttails of other citical resources such as Pirate Christian Radio, Pulpit and Pen and John McArthur’s anti-charismatic conferences, whilst piggy-backing antichristian current affairs TV, and atheist inspired critics’ books, blogs and press-cuttings, chookwatcher has, in the wake of their combined popularity, been able to build a following of likeminded anti-Hillsong anti-C3 comrades and become part of the pro-cessationist anti-charismatic discernment fraternity, making the hillsongchurchwatch site, at one time, their most viewed.

Since then, following a few controversial comments on their sites, the chookwatcher ‘team’ have censured commentary or any opportunity for recipients of their accusations to publicly respond to the world-wide-web claims they have made against ministries, and centralised their gleanings at chookwatchcentral, which has been given huge coverage by polemics sites that champion chookwatcher’s anonymous entries.

The most recent triumph, however, has been the invention of the pseudo-NAR conspiracy theory which has caught the attention of the wider polemics fraternity and made chookwatcher something of a celebrity amongst the watcher brigades, who, despite his continuing anonymity, replug his posts and spread the narrative of the NAR.

Unstoppable progress of God’s purposes

None of chookwatcher’s activities, however, have prevented the growth and positive influence of the ministries he targets. Rather, he appears to have aided their spread, as is the case when negative claims are thrust against positive enterprise.

All of these sites are ostensibly aimed at discrediting the various ministries this blogger seeks to demonise, stemming from his fall-out with C3. He also has a Facebook site and a couple of other sites aimed at other related targets, which must mean he is blogging almost full time these days.

To this day the blogger in question still denies he is the person responsible for any of these sites, hence prescribing his own inauthenticity as a critic.

The secret ‘team’

The chookwatch sites have, over time, gathered a number of adherents, some of whom have joined the secretive chookwatchers inner circle using the same epithet – they are all called chookwatcher.

Yes, you read that correctly – the nom-de-plume churchwatcher, in fact, applies to around eight anonymous persons who are all included in this single moniker.

At least one of the chookwatchers has crossed over from the old Signposts02 site, where the founding chookwatcher once ruled the roost as chief administrator, becoming the main influencer into a Reformed theology that remains the basis on which they build a platform of antipathy towards their quarry.

Disgorging enmity

Chookwatcher has since regurgitated much of the material posted during his administrating time at Signposts02 and reiterated, verbatim, many of those articles through the chookwatcher sites, which is another way of confirming his identity, in fact.

He has since added many other negative opinion pieces and claims, but the theme, narrative, language, style and modus operandi remain exactly the same as his days at Signposts02.

Other chookwatchers have been added from various places and backgrounds, but all with the same determined aim of demonising anything that doesn’t fit their own basically Reformed cessationist anti-charismatic agenda with a little Lutheranism thrown in to accomodate their hero from pirate radio.



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